Developing the Skill of Speedy_Writing For Essays

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Developing the Skill of Speedy Writing For Essays

5 essential Steps:

Speedy Reading Synthesizing Essay Structuring Essay Writing (paragraph wise) Proofreading 5 essential Steps

Speedy Reading :

Scan through first and last paragraphs of books, articles and websites. Mark the informative points relevant to the essay. Select 1-2 most relevant articles and read them more thoroughly. Speedy Reading

Synthesizing :

Try finding links between articles. Write down 2-3 points, which you will mainly cover in your essay. Synthesizing

Essay Structuring :

Answer the following questions in structuring the essay: What will be the main topic of the essay? What will be the primary objective of the essay? Whether it will be a descriptive essay, compare & contrast essay, or any other form of essay. Essay Structuring

Essay Structuring :

Essay Structuring

The Writing Part :

Highlight the main theme and objective in the first paragraph. Inform your readers about what your perspective of the essay. Following paragraphs should support the introductory paragraph. The Writing Part


Leave some time for the cross-checking and proofreading part. Add connecting lines between paragraphs to improve the coherency of the paper. Proofreading

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