Mac vs. PC


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Mac vs. PC:

Mac vs. PC The End of the Battle…

Mac Pros:

Mac Pros You will never have driver issues Programs run separate from each other Nice Looking Graphical Interface Easier to receive tech. Support Macintosh writes software, and make the hardware so it just works together Mac is always updating With Mac, you can do alot out of the box

Mac Cons:

Mac Cons The whole unique look does NOT work for everyone Pricey. The Mac mini is too stripped down to be genuinely enjoyable Not that many options for computer design. No custom made option for purchases Too many compatibility issues with windows, but that’s being patched up.

Windows Pros :

Windows Pros Many options for computer design Most people can jump on a windows and figure it out in a short time Many software choices Many program trials are included with the operating system Generally cheaper than a mac

Windows Cons:

Windows Cons Locks up too easily Programs are interconnected, so if one stops working, you may get another to stop working. Force quitting is a big pain Hard to get proper tech support Graphical interface is ho-hum Windows hasn’t created any major innovations in years. Windows is slow to update their software

And The Winner Is…:

And The Winner Is… Drum Roll Please


Conclusion If you want to be a good computer user, you have to put you fan boy attitude toward one operating system away, and learn to like, and live with them all. So do the world a favor, and stop bickering. We all unite to form one demographic…

The Computer Geek:

The Computer Geek Thank You!