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What the audience like in music videos


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Audience Research:

Audience Research What people want in a music video


Other responses include: Techno Rock/Pop Heavy Metal Folk Electronic/Ambient/House From these results I can see that a pop, punk or rock song would be most effective in a music video as these are the songs that people seem to like best. Although rock is the highest rated song, it could be good to do a mixed genre ( eg : punk rock or rock pop).


From this I can see that the majority of people like to see a storyline within a music video. A few also liked to see unique ideas. This suggests that a unique storyline would be the most effective way to make an interesting, successful music video. This means including the narrative video style, along with concept to make the most interesting video for my target audience.


Other responses include: Random stuff From these results I can see that the best costumes would fit with the style and narrative of the video – if it is set in a school, they wear uniforms, etc etc. The other options were very unpopular but that doesn’t mean they should be completely disregarded, they could be used within shorter clips or merged with the narrative style outfits.

Question 4 and 5:

Question 4 and 5 From the two previous questions results, we can see a large variety in the music videos that people like However, when it comes down to why they like them, the reasoning is fairly similar. Whilst a few people like different aspects such as the concept, mise en scene and effects, the majority of people preferred it when there was a narrative to the video. This shows me that I should include a narrative within my video as this is what a lot of people seem to like.


Other responses include: Both This shows the evolution of how the internet has changed the way in which the audience consumes media. Although MTV used to be how people view music videos, now they use purely YouTube, with the exception of a small majority using a mixture of both. Because of this my target audience is going to be teenagers and young adults who are used to the internet and social media.

Question 7:

Question 7 The way in which people buy and listen to music is really interesting. Although CD’s are still most popular, the internet sites are becoming more and more popular. When considering the ancillary texts, it suggests online ones would be more effective when reaching the target audience.