5 Herbal teas to avoid during pregnancy

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Today we would like to tell you about five such teas which are harmful for your body, which you cannot drink during pregnancy, if you drink it then it can harm you and your baby.


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5 to Herbal Teas Avoid During Pregnancy


Herbal teas to be avoided during pregnancy There is some tea which is very high in caffeine. All such tea should be tied during pregnancy. Such tea is very harmful during pregnancy. We have made a list of tea that you should not take during pregnancy.


Green/matcha tea Green tea contains a lot of caffeine, it reduces the absorption of folate, but during pregnancy, you do not go without green tea, so you limit your intake of it to one cup a day.


You should not drink litchi tea during pregnancy. This negative effect will convince you. Drinking litchi tea during pregnancy has negative effects. It worsens internal heat for you and your baby. This leads to various complications during pregnancy. Lichee tea


Anise tea Anise tea should not be taken during pregnancy as it can irritate your skin irritating the skin of your entire body and it can also increase your resentment which is very harmful to you and your baby.


Aloe vera tea Aloe latex in aloe vera tea is a powerful laxative that severely disturbs electrolyte balance during pregnancy, it weakens the body's rhythm and muscles which can cause uterine contractions that are harmful to the pregnant woman.


Barberry tea Women should not drink barberry tea and do not consume it during pregnancy period 1 to 9 months because it can stimulate uterine contractions and it can become the biggest cause of miscarriage. It should be avoided.


Conclusion There is also a lot of tea for women which is considered very safe during pregnancy but it is considered as long as the recommended dose is not exceeded. Although tea has many benefits for pregnancy, many teas are harmful to pregnancy and there are many healthy pregnancy food tips that we should avoid during pregnancy.


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