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Domestic Roller shutter doors and windows are an excellent way of protecting the property, be it home or business, from rain and wind. In addition, by having a shutter in front of a window you are also protecting the window from burglary and vandalism attempts. find out the latest security shutters by reaching to us.


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1300 302 822 We service most brands eco 40 42 55 Window roller shutters maverick roller shutters do far more than protect your home they actually provide the means in which you can control your environment. maverick roller shutters are a series of interlocking colour coated foam flled double sided aluminium slats which roll up within inbuilt side guides and into a compact pelmet box which provides you protection and can save you money. Features n offers a visible deterrent to would-be intruders and vandals n Protects windows from storms and bushfres n reduce summer cooling bills n reduce winter heating bills n reduce noise n increase privacy n control light n stylish and durable n 10 year warranty GRA20410 v3.indd 1 26/8/09 11:20:45 AM

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GRA20410 FACTORY SHOWROOM 2/52 aLFreds road cHiPPinG norton nsW 2170 OPP. MACK TRUCKS Phone: 1300 302 822 Fax: 02 9755 0427 email: Lic. no. 196633c specifcations size each individual roller shutter can be manufactured up to a width of 3.5m or a total of 9 square metres. curtain the curtain is manufactured by interlocking 40mm fat 42mm curved 55mm curved roll formed polyurethane foam flled slats or 40mm extruded aluminium slats to form a continuous hinge. each joining slat is ftted with a moulded nylon end clip to prevent lateral movement and provide a smooth and quiet operation inside the side guides. bottom rail the bottom rail of the shutter is manufactured from an extruded aluminium section 65mm x 10mm which can encase a locking device. Weather seal is ftted as standard. Locking When the shutter is completely closed the design allows the shutter to lock automatically. For added security the bottom rail can house slide locks within the extrusion. this operates 2 x 10mm x 2mm aluminium fat bars which when in the locked position secure into the side guides on both sides of the opening. Key locks can also be ftted as an option. side Guides the guides are manufactured from an extruded aluminium section 53mm deep x 22mm wide and 72mm deep x 25mm side for shutters over 3m. Weather seals ftted as standard. Pelmet boxes all maverick roller shutters are enclosed in a various number of different size aluminium pelmet boxes ranging from 137mm to 230mm. axle the axle can be manufactured from 50mm diameter aluminium round tube 40mm or 60mm diameter galvanised hexagonal tube or 60mm diameter aluminium hexagonal tube depending on the application and shall be ftted with fully sealed steel ball bearings operation manual operation can be done with a simple hand operated winder or a hand feed strap system. doors and windows can be electrically motorised with various push button remote control key switch or battery back up operation. Finish Profle or slat comes in 12 standard colours. Pelmet box and guides in 4 standard colours. Powder coating as an option in dulux powder coated range. black Grey Wood Grain sand Green brown silver White beige bronze red cream maverick roller Products Pty Ltd is continually researching and developing its products and reserves the right to change specifcations without notice. GRA20410 v3.indd 2 26/8/09 11:21:01 AM

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