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In and Out of School Literacy Practices Project : 

In and Out of School Literacy Practices Project Morning Meeting and Performing Children’s Literature By Diana Rabstejnek

In the classroom: Morning meeting! : 

In the classroom: Morning meeting! During the morning meeting in my 1st grade class the students participate in several activities related to literacy

Morning message : 

Morning message Good morning superstars! Today is Thursday, November 4th 2010. It is our 50th day of school. We have Spanish at 1pm. We are going to have a great day! Love, Ms. W

Word activity : 

Word activity B__ H__ C__ Students take turns coming to the board and filling in the missing letter or chunk The part that is missing is common in all three examples, so students pick up on the pattern

Room 104 Affirmation : 

Room 104 Affirmation We are the superstars of Room 104! We are smart, hard workers! We come prepared to learn every day! We know that we can do anything!

Independent reading or paired reading : 

Independent reading or paired reading How do they pick books? Who monitors reading? Vs.

Out of classroom: Performing children's literature : 

Out of classroom: Performing children's literature Consists of.. Script Production concept Performance This community follows strict rules about presentation on and off stage Children’s lit galore!

Script : 

Script Follows particular layout-if you don’t follow this your script may not be read! Double spaced between character lines, character names bolded, stage directions in italics and in parenthesis

Example Script Excerpt : 

Example Script Excerpt

Production concept : 

Production concept Specific layout: double spaced, no more than 2 ½ pages but preferably 2 pages Must be very precise language

Example Production concept excerpt : 

Example Production concept excerpt

performance : 

performance Space is set up in a particular way and can be explained with terminology that required code breaking Ie: upstage, downstage, stage right, stage left, strike prop, etc. Performance choices are used to show themes, motifs, illustrations, tone, etc. in the text of the books we are adapting

The glorious performance space : 

The glorious performance space

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Structured Bottom up theory Transactional theory Unexpected Critical theory Morning Meeting Performing Children’s Lit V.S.

Conclusion continued : 

Conclusion continued The Morning Meeting and Performance have many similarities as well that prove to be very effective for both Clear audience Interaction Participation Choice

The End : 

The End Sources: Literate Lives: Teaching Reading & Writing in Elementary Classrooms by Amy Seely Flint