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« The hills of the Highlands forever I love » R.Burns . Scotland


Make Up Dialogue


Customer.  Hi! Travel Agent.  Hi, come in, please. Can I help you? Customer.  We’d like some information about tours around Scotland. Travel Agent.  Oh, good. We’ve a lot of exciting places of interest here in Scotland. What about sightseeing tour around the country? Customer.  And what places will we visit? Travel Agent.  Oh, the most wonderful places in Scotland, I promise! Royal Botanic Garden, Stirling Castle, Princes Street Gardens, Palace of Holyrood house, St. Andrews Cathedral, Edinburgh Zoo and many others! and many others! It will be unforgettable tour, believe me! Customer.  And how long does the tour last? Travel Agent.  About a week. Customer.  How much is it? Travel Agent.  Only 500 dollars per person. Customer.  Where does the tour depart from? Travel Agent.  From Kyiv. Customer.  Well… Ok, we’ll take it. Travel Agent.  Could you sign here, please? Thank you. Good-bye, and I hope you enjoy your Scotland sightseeing tour.  




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National dress of Scotland Traditional dress of Scotland, which is also called the highland dress , changes our understanding of men's costume. Women's outfit is more familiar to us unlike men's kilt . No matter what, Scottish national dress is interesting and extraordinary . And also it is rather hard to put on a kilt and all the accessories correctly, especially when to talk about the phillabeg style of a kilt. You'll need some practice and knowledge for that. Male traditional dress of Scotland consists of a kilt, a sporran,, a kilt hose, and ghillies (traditional shoes). Female traditional dress of Scotland consists of a tartan skirt, a tartan sash or shawl, and ghillies. Skirts can be of different length, historically they are ankle-length, but nowadays women wear knee-long or even very short tartan mini-skirts. There are also long tartan dresses.

Homework 1. Learn new words and word-combinations. 2. WB, ex. , p. :

Homework 1. Learn new words and word-combinations. 2. WB, ex. , p.


Let’s see what you know about Scotland. Answer my questions. Where is Scotland situated? What is its capital? What is the national symbol of the country? What is Scotland washed by? What parts is Scotland divided into? What is the highest mountain in Scotland?

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