How to Install a Kitchen Range Hood

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PowerPoint Presentation: How to Install a Kitchen Range Hood

PowerPoint Presentation: Why need a range hood? Range hoods are in place to make sure that you direct dangerous fumes away from the rest of your home. Cook top hoods are also in place to help keep steam and smoke out of your kitchen as well as prevent smells from moving all around your home. Range hoods filter out the kitchen grease saving you hours of cleaning, extending the time between repainting and giving you a cleaner, fresher kitchen, as well as protecting and adding to the value of your home.

PowerPoint Presentation: Steps of Kitchen Range Hood 1) Install the Wall Mounting Bracket This range hood includes three main components – the hood itself, the venting assembly and the hood’s duct cover. Drill holes through the template as indicated for the mounting bracket.

PowerPoint Presentation: 2) Install the Range Hood Fit the hood onto the mounting bracket. The horizontal bar on the hood bracket slips over the flange on the mounting bracket.

PowerPoint Presentation: 3) Install the Exhaust Duct Pipe Measure from the elbow to the hood outlet and transfer that measurement to the vent pipe. Use metal snips to cut the pipe to the proper length.

PowerPoint Presentation: 4) Install the Exterior Duct Cover Extend the exhaust duct to the outside wall. Cut another hole for the duct and attach an exterior exhaust cover to the outside wall. Connect the interior duct pipe to the exhaust cover.

PowerPoint Presentation: 5) Wire the Range Hood Attach the wiring for the range hood’s exhaust fan and light to the home’s electrical wiring according to the manufacturer‘s instructions.

PowerPoint Presentation: Range Hood in Your Kitchen

PowerPoint Presentation: The primary purpose of a range hood is to filter out any pollutants that may be hazardous from entering the air while you are cooking on your stove.

PowerPoint Presentation: Range hood can help protect you and your family from carbon monoxide. When your kitchen is not well ventilated, carbon monoxide can develop in the air your breath causing serious flu like symptoms and difficult breathing. A range hood can help keep your home at a normal temperature. Hoods will reduce overheating in your kitchen as a result of hot appliances and cooking. Finally, a range hood can add an attractive design element to any kitchen space. Range hoods are available in a wide variety of different colors and styles with various features. Benefits of Range Hood

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