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power point on the advantages and disadvantages of steel sheds.


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Steel engineering:

Steel engineering Steel sheds Advantages and Disadvantages

What are steels sheds:

What are steels sheds What are steel sheds? Steel sheds or storage buildings are getting more popular all the time. Steel Sheds most common uses are to be able to store household objects to farm machinery. Steel sheds are industrial structures that cater for a number of situations. Steel sheds are known to be the best sheds available as they are strong, resistant and offer colour optimisation.

Types of steel sheds:

Types of steel sheds Garden shed : Located in the garden .This shed would be used for storage of gardening equipment such as lawnmowers and trimmers.

Types of steel sheds:

Types of steel sheds Tool shed s: a popular shed as every handyperson requires space to store equipment such as power tools. They also need the space in the shed were they can place a bench to carryout tasks such as welding.

Types of steel sheds:

Types of steel sheds Farm sheds: Farm sheds can be used to house animals or be used as a place for animals to get there feed. These sheds can range from sizes of a small room to the size of a football pitch. Farm sheds can also to be used to store farm equipment/machinery that would have a significant value so it is important that some kind of security would be necessary. The shed should have a solid foundation along with a resistant Exterior to stand bad weather.


Foundations After picking the shed you want you should start to plan how big you want the shed and how much items you are looking to store in it, this is important as you then Have to choose a type of foundation from concrete block and poured concrete.

Advantages of steel sheds :

Advantages of steel sheds Up to three times stronger than competitors such as wood. Steel insulated panels are at least 25 percent more economical. Saves owner money on maintaining temperature in the shed. Due to fewer gaps and cracks walls will be smooth and level and shed will be cheaper to heat. Saves owner money on maintaining temperature in the shed. Steel sheds have a well insulated structure down to the steel panels This offers comfortable interior conditions. Steel sheds can withstand hurricane Winds up to the speed of one hundred and fifty five miles per hour.. Steel is recyclable and is also constructed from at least 25 percent or ¼ of Recycled materials. Steel insulated panels are resistant to fires; they do not produce smoke and the fire Can not spread. Unlike other types of sheds they do not make the fire worse. Steel sheds are very cost effective compared to other forms of sheds as They are cheap to maintain. Assembly of steel sheds is generally very quick.

Disadvantages of steel buildings.:

Disadvantages of steel buildings. Happens to conduct allot of heat this means inside the steel shed would be very warm. This is not really a big problem as it only affects people in certain climates. If you are being affected I advice you to install some kind of air conditioning. If the shed is not constructed properly it can be prone to corrosion.

WDL Steel sheds :

WDL Steel sheds Here at WDL we build sheds to meet your measurements and standards. We specialise in large farm sheds , our farm sheds come in loads of sizes and different colour. WDL have been working with farmers for over 30 years and helping them with there sheds witch makes them one of the best around. WDL always provides free Quotes. You are buying straight from a manufacturer which means cheaper price guaranteed. WDL only use high quality steel such as Tata Corus . WDL is nationwide. WDL also provide cladding, insulation, overhead cranes, gantries, roller shutter doors, electro-mechanical hangar doors, windows, ventilation, fire doors & screens and all the accessories needed for the complete structure.

WDL steel farm sheds :

WDL steel farm sheds WDL has a large range of farm sheds to suit machinery sheds, equestrian, stables, horse riding areas, livestock, cattle farms, beef and suckler cows, pig farms, yard shed, Buildings for sheep, sheds for cattle, poultry farms, hay sheds, garden shed, steel sheds for grain.


WDL WDL is a 100 percent Irish company which has strong farming routes. WDL is committed to farmers by only using the strongest and most durable materials about and offering the best prices in Ireland . Trentabuoy Drumkeen Ballybofey Co. Donegal



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