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The Ten most interesting places in the World ! Source: http ://attractions24.com/

1. Stonehenge, England :

1. Stonehenge, England   Prehistoric monument in Wiltshire was constructed by witches as a temple of worship claimed by some, while others insist that it was made by aliens.  

2. Chichen Itza, Mexico :

2. Chichen Itza, Mexico   Chichen Itza is a pre-Columbian site built by the Maya, on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico .

3. Old City of Jerusalem and its walls :

3. Old City of Jerusalem and its walls   This holy city is for Jews, Christians and Muslims. It is proud with over 220 historic monuments .

4. Rapa Nui, Easter Island :

4. Rapa Nui, Easter Island   The local name of Easter Island is Rapa Nui. It is a volcanic, Polynesian island, guarded by huge stone statues.  

5. Vatican City, Italy  :

5 . Vatican City, Italy   One of the most religious and beautiful cities, it is a sovereign city-state with least population of around 900 people.

6. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt :

6 . Pyramids of Giza, Egypt   Rising on the outskirts of Cairo are the pyramids, a complex of ancient monuments, which are among the seven wonders.

7. The historical centre of St. Petersburg, Russia :

7 . The historical centre of St. Petersburg, Russia   With the channels that pass through the city centre, the bridges and the sharp and twisted towers, this historic centre of the Russian city of St. Petersburg is the place to be seen.

8. Evargleyds National Park, USA :

8. Evargleyds National Park, USA   Evargleyds National Park is one of the most natural World Heritage sites in the world and is an enormous subtropical marshland in southern Florida.

9. Alhambra, Spain :

9. Alhambra, Spain   The Majestic Alhambra palace is on the border of Granada, southern Spain and was once the residence to the Moorish kings.

10. Hunchback of Notre Dame (Notre Dame), France :

10. Hunchback of Notre Dame (Notre Dame), France   Hunchback of Notre Dame is the cathedral of Paris. It was built in 1163-1260, as one of the first Gothic cathedrals in the style of the Cité Island on the river Seine.