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Child Education Planning Helps You To Give The Best & World-Class Higher Education To Your Child. By Starting Early, You Can Accumulate Enough Corpus To Give Your Child The Desired Career You Are Looking At For Your Child.


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The financial journey of our lives can be divided into long-terms financial goals and short-term financial goals. The short-term financial goals can be anything from a holiday domesc or internaonal or buying the latest mobile in the market or buying a desired car etc. On contrary long-term goals are the goals that are far away in the horizon. However it gives good value balances the risk and helps you opmize on compounding. INVESTMENT JOURNEY

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62 of parents are concerned about the ever-rising costs of supporng their child’s higher educaon . Are You

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Fortunately for parents with long-term goals there are mulple investment instruments to help them accomplish their dreams of bright future for their children. Planned and chosen thoughully these investment opons can help you mulply your money mulply your returns through compounding and accumulate enough to send your child to the best college in the country or abroad.

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The early you start with investments the more me you get to allow your investment compound. Moreover if you start invesng early you get me to take risk and balance the risk and returns. There are mulple investment opons available depending on your risk tolerance and me horizon. If your risk tolerance is high then you can invest in equity oriented mutual funds. However if your risk tolerance is low then you may invest in balanced funds capital protecon fund debt funds fixed deposits postal saving PPF or Sukanya Samriddhi. TIME HORIZON RISK TOLERANCE

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As a parent we expect the best from our child. We push them to work hard and achieve for excellence. At the same me we aim to give the best possible to our kids. Shortage of funds is not an excuse. With Money Mulplier you can create enough corpus to give your child the best educaon possible. Hence stop fooling yourself by thinking that your child is too young. Start early drive slowly reach safely.

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