Blame game tactics by rummy detractors

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Blame game tactics by rummy detractors


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Blame game tactics by rummy detractors

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In online rummy, the luck factor ends with the distribution of cards in the first round. We have an article on various types of rummy starting hands which explains the way to play all kinds of starting hands you could receive. Regardless of the strength of your starting hands in rummy, you can still win the game provided you know how to get the right combination of cards to make a rummy set. I t’s all about luck

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This is sheer baloney. If skills are overrated and luck is the sole deciding factor, how are a few players consistently winning the game? Rummy skills are the primary desideratum in a rummy game. Skills are the primary desideratum to be successful in a rummy game. Perhaps, a quick read about the rummy skills & strategies could help you change this wrong notion about skills being overrated. Rummy Skills are overrated

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This one is our most favorite of the blame game tactics used by our community's naysayers. Fortunately, there is a little truth to it. Most rummy sites have enforced stringent anti-collusion, anti-fraud measures and do not compromise one bit on player security and safety. Additionally, most online rummy sites have RNG (Random Number Generator) installed in them, which ensures that card sequences are unpredictable, non-repeatable and uniformly distributed. Accusing the site of Fraud

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Nope, it’s not! How come there are barrages of rummy sites out there catering various rummy variants to the players if it is illegal? We have seen many TV advertisements where popular stars endorse playing rummy online. Can someone explain why does the mainstream media endorse the game if is illegal? Truth is that the honorable Supreme Court of India has declared playing rummy for stakes as legal. Playing online rummy is illegal

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Another humbug! Smart players will win cash at any rummy site no matter who they are playing against. There is neither written rule nor any significant statistics to assume that only experienced players would win all the rummy games . Sure, experience plays a role but that doesn’t close the door for other budding rummy aspirants. If you are acquainted with all the rummy skills and strategies, you can easily outplay your opponents even if he is a stalwart in online rummy. Newbie’s can never win

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