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Superior Solutions Offer Advanced Alerting Options to Better Manage Downtime Davis J Martin Experienced writer with, involved with write-ups about Alertra monitoring services to monitor website downtime and Aletra uptime monitor service features


On first observation many website monitoring solutions look the same. The marketing material of various providers also lists out the same features. This seems very enticing especially as some of the solutions are completely free; not even free trials that are available only for a limited number of days. However, not all solutions are alike; there is a lot of variation in the quality and comprehensive functionality that can be offered in website monitoring tools. For example, the quality of computing infrastructure that is being used to monitor the sites can vastly differ in quality. Inferior computing infrastructure could cause the site monitoring app to hang or slow down. During such time the monitoring capability is negatively affected and your site is not being monitored correctly for downtime or slowdown during such time. Using a low quality computing infrastructure has a negative impact on the quality of the site monitoring. These kinds of differences in the quality are not easy to ascertain and cause many less knowledgeable businesses to make inferior choices.


Imagine your site is experiencing downtime, but your monitoring tool provides an alert via email when you are away from your computer. Just imagine the extended downtime caused purely because you were not contacted about the downtime with the right method and as result the downtime resolution was started late by several hours. The inconvenience caused to the customers and potential loss of revenue is unneeded. Such situations can be better avoided by having advanced alerting features. Many free solutions only offer email alerts as sending emails is very inexpensive. Using other methods will incur costs for the service provider and it is not possible for a free service to bear these additional costs. Right Alerting Features are Important to Reduce Downtime Duration


Now many website monitoring service providers are also delivering alerts with newer methods. Traditionally, the alerts were done via email, SMS and also by calls. New methods to alert about uptime issues are via social media channels and also using mobile push alerts. Newer Methods of Alerting About Downtime


Many site monitoring tools can not only find that the website is down, but can also detect further specific details including which part of website or service is not working. For example if there is a problem with a 3rd party API service, then alerts will be sent to a specified contact or set of people responsible for 3rd party API integration. A site monitor solution will either have an inbuilt option to allow this feature or it will at least typically integrate with other 3rd party tools using webhooks to facilitate this feature. As a result, when an issue happens then contact is made immediately to the most qualified person who can quickly resolve the matter. Choosing who to Contact based on the Type Of Downtime Issue


Web-site monitoring looks like a simple solution. But in order to make a positive impact by ensuring the downtime is resolved quickly many additional features need to be provided in the solution. This makes the solution more comprehensive and it needs quality programming and superior design to ensure the expanded solution offers value to the customer. Comprehensive Functionality is Available Only in Premier Website Monitoring Solutions


There is a need to do proper apples to apples comparison before choosing the right solution for your website needs. This write-up may have helped to understand the importance of fully understanding the features of the solution. In today’s competitive scenario many potential and current customers have low attention spans and commitment. Customers will not hesitate to move to another supplier or provider if they experience downtime or the performance of your site is not good. In such a situation, it is important to continuously monitor your website and ensure it delivers high quality experience all the time.


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