Architectural Visualization How to develop realistic models and images

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Architectural Visualization: How to develop realistic models and images Architectural visualization services have now become highly crucial part of residential and commercial building projects. Architectural rendering services and architectural animation walkthrough and flythrough fall within the brackets of Architectural visualization services. The fundamental reason for executing architectural rendering services is to produce highly photorealistic images for both interior and exterior parts of the building. On the other hand the fundamental reason for executing architectural walkthrough and flythrough services is to produce top-tier architectural animation. Architectural animation can be defined as very short architectural movie which is developed with the support of photorealistic images created after the execution of architectural rendering services. Process of developing photorealistic images and walkthrough as well as flythrough  The first and most important step towards the development of photorealistic images and animation is to select a highly reliable 3D modeling and rendering software.

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 In this case 3ds Max remains the most versatile software product through which extremely photorealistic architectural images can be generated by rendering artists.  Now apart from the selection of appropriate software it is also important that users are well aware of all its functionalities.  They should be proficient with the uses of the tools contained in the software.  Producing photorealism in an image is a highly daunting task which cannot be handled effectively by any unprofessional rendering artist.  Rendering artists have to understand the technicalities of applying color texture and lighting effects in the images.  While color texture lighting effects and shadow effects are applied in an architectural image rendering artists have to maintain a proper ratio.  They should not apply anything excessively as it can ruin the entire architectural image.  Hence be it texture lighting effects of shadow effects all of them should be added reasonably or sensibly.

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