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David Selakovic brings his unique perspective from extensive worldwide travel to everything he embraces. His commitment to travel, and love of car racing – F1 included – extreme sports, classical art, photography, and sailing are plainly evident in how he spends his time outside of work, but his personal engagements don’t stop there: This Renaissance man actively supports a range of charities and prides himself on his collection of rare art.


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Welcome to http://davidselakovicblog.wordpress.com/:

Welcome to http://davidselakovicblog.wordpress.com/

David Selakovic Selacorp:

David Selakovic Selacorp A seasoned software architect-and-developer-turned-businessman, and finance guru, David Selakovic was born in Slovenia, he has traveled the globe and spends most of his time in Singapore.

David Dragan Selakovic:

David Dragan Selakovic

David Dragan Selakovic:

David Dragan Selakovic

David Selakovic Vegalab:

David Selakovic Vegalab

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