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147 delegates and observers from 51 countries


August 30 – September 7, 1990 Guadalajara, Mexico CLC AT THE SERVICE OF THE KINGDOM “I choose you, and I commission you to go out and bear fruit, fruit that will last.” (Jn 15:16)


Grace of Guadalajara ’90 “We have experienced a grace of knowing ourselves as moved by the desire to serve with Christ in the work of the Kingdom, and we have been confirmed in this call… at the same time, we have come to know ourselves as still in need of greater unity and spiritual freedom as a community of disciples.”


Approval of the revised the General Principles and the General Norms by the World Assembly Canonical Approval by the Pontifical Council for the Laity on Dec. 3, 1990, feast of St. Francis Xavier.


160 delegates and observers from 59 countries


July 20 – 30, 1994 Hong Kong University, Hong Kong CLC COMMUNITY IN MISSION “I have come to bring fire to the earth and how I wish it were blazing already.”

Grace of Hong Kong ‘94: 

Grace of Hong Kong ‘94 The call to a deep ongoing conversion with regard our MISSION This conversion asked for magis in -- the integration of social realities into our life and action -- the awareness of our being a community called to be with Christ and sent by HIM -- the reading of the signs of the times and translating our spiritual experience as a service for building justice and peace


Delegates and Observers from 54 Countries


July 22 – 31, 1998 Villa Kostka, Itaici, Brazil Deepening Our Identity as an Apostolic Body – Clarifying our Common Mission “CLC, a letter from Christ, written by the Spirit, sent to today’s world.” (Cf: 2Cor. 3:3)

Grace of Itaici ‘98: 

Grace of Itaici ‘98 We discovered three areas of mission: First, we want to bring the freeing power of Christ to our social reality. Secondly, we want to find Christ in all our varied cultures and to let His grace illuminate all that needs transformation. Thirdly, we want to live Christ so as to bring him to every aspect of our daily life in the world.


Necessary means for this mission: The Spiritual Exercises as spiritual source which nourishes and empowers us for mission Formation for mission, so that our community may ever become a more effective instrument of service.


An Apostolic Community that shares responsibility for mission Discerning Sending Supporting Evaluating


At the origins of the CLC is a grace God called by the name IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA. it is the infinite love of God: a fire, gently burning, discreet and prudent, but irresistibly conquering… His secret is no longer a secret to us:


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The PICTURES were extracted from the archives of CLC Germany and CLC Philippines and from the World Wide Web.