New Integration Approach in a Cloud Computing World

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So, how do you do integration with cloud-based systems. Find out here.


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David S. Linthicum, CTO [email protected] New Integration Approaches in a Cloud Computing World

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New Frontier?

The Cloud Changes Everything:

The Cloud Changes Everything

Fragmentation of Data, Services, and Processes:

Fragmentation of Data, Services, and Processes

Integration and the cloud: An Afterthought:

Integration and the cloud: An Afterthought

Core Integration Patterns 1997:

Core Integration Patterns 1997 Simple information exchange. Adapter management. Intra-enterprise. Process focused. Emerging use of services.

Core Integration Patterns 2003:

Core Integration Patterns 2003 Simple information exchange. Use of services. Use of processes. Use of federated integration. Leveraging transactions.

Core Integration Patterns 2011:

Core Integration Patterns 2011 Data integration. Use of SOA patterns. Use of standards. Use of open source. Movement to the hybrid cloud.

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SOA Influence

New and Old Focus: SOA:

New and Old Focus: SOA Data Abstraction Data Data Data Services Legacy Legacy Services Process/Orchestration/Composites Monitoring/Event Management Governance Rep Security Internet-Based Services New Services

SOA Challenges:

SOA Challenges Source: Wipro

Start with the Architecture:

Start with the Architecture Understand: Business drivers Information under management Existing services under management Core business processes 13

Integration Success: Start with the Data:

Understand all application semantics in your domain. SOA Metadata Meta data analysis Data abstraction layer definition Data Abstraction Layer Data services definition Data Services Legacy Metadata External Metadata (B2B) Integration Success: Start with the Data

The Basic Concept:

The Basic Concept One can consider cloud computing the extension of SOA out to cloud-delivered resources. The trick is to determine which services, information, and processes are good candidates to reside in the clouds, as well as which cloud services should be abstracted within the existing or emerging SOA. Source: IBM

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Getting Things Done

Understanding the Problem:

Understanding the Problem Cloud providers must integrate with existing enterprise systems to become more valuable. However, existing internal integration needs to exist to ensure: Production and consumption of structured information Semantic mediation Security mediation Service enablement Firewall management Transactional integrity Unstructured data Holistic management of the complete integration chain


REMEMBER, THERE ARE A FEW TECHNICAL ISSUES THAT YOU MUST ADDRESS… Semantic and metadata management , or, the management of the different information representations amount the external services and internal systems. Transformation and routing , or, accounting for those data differences during run time. Governance across all systems , meaning, not giving up the notion of security and control when extending your SOA to the global SOA. Discovery and service management , meaning, how to find and leverage services inside or outside of your enterprise, and how to keep track of those services through their maturation. Information consumption, processing, and delivery , or, how to effectively move information to and from all interested systems. Connectivity and adapter management , or, how to externalize and internalize information and services from very old and proprietary systems. Process orchestration and service, and process abstraction , or, the ability to abstract the services and information flows into bound processes, thus creating a solution

Technology Leadership A trusted advisor:

Technology Leadership A trusted advisor Product agnostic: we don’t sell hardware, software or managed services Holistic approach of architecture, planning and execution Unlimited options for the right solution Expertise in development of cloud applications, enterprise architecture, SOA and cloud integration services Understanding of what belongs in the cloud, on the ground Key relationships, experience with who’ s who in the cloud Managing risk because we have your best interest in mind.