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VO2 Max:

VO 2 Max KNES 304 Lab


VO 2 The is the amount of oxygen that is being used to run the aerobic pathways to provide ATP for mechanical work. i.e. the amount of oxygen being used to power aerobic exercise.


VO 2 Listed in two fashions: Absolute L O 2 /min Relative mlO 2 /kg*min


Convert Absolute to relative Multiply by 1000 (converts the Liters to milliliters) Divide by the persons kilogram mass (makes relative) Why do we need this, bigger people use more O 2 because of their size In order to use this effectively as a tool to describe cardiovascular conditioning, we need to equalize the playing field and divide by mass.

VO2 Max:

VO 2 Max The amount of oxygen (VO 2 ) we use with exercise will increase as the exercise gets harder up until a certain point (plateau) as which point our cardiovascular system cannot bring in any more O 2 to use for the exercise. At that point we have reached a maximum, or VO 2 max.

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