10 Mistakes People Make When Choosing Their Display Systems

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A display system is one of the best mediums to define your business to people but a wrong selection of the same could cost your clients. No one would want to display the wrong/misleading/tedious information about their company right? Here is the list of some common mistakes that you should avoid when choosing the display system for your business.


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Mistake People Make When Choosing Their Display Systems 10


Not paying a designer to create images or logo 1 You pay designers for a reason – to create something that looks good to other people. Even if you think you’ve got an eye for design it may be best to leave it to the experts.


2 Choosing an untrusted display system provider People go to businesses just because they happen to stumble across them and think, “Hmmm yes, that’s what I need”. Shop around and look for a good provider first.


3 Not budgeting enough for their display system If you’re going to set up a good display system you need to make sure that you’ve got the right elements. Not allowing a big enough budget for your system can make it look lacking.


4 Not providing enough information for customers on their display What you say on your display is what your customer sees straight away. So what’s on it? Just a company name? Are you easily identifiable? Include enough words to tell them who you are and what you’re there for.


5 Choosing garish colours Bright pinks? Maybe if you’re trying to sell to little girls. Be very careful with colour choices to avoid a mistake.


6 Choosing the wrong setup for their space Having a display system that is too big, too small, or with not enough elements for the space is a recipe for disaster – it just looks tacky. Exhibit flooring, portable banners, and a media wall are all items to choose from.


7 Choosing an image resolution that is not high enough Image resolution is extremely important when it comes to display system images. An image with too small a resolution will look highly pixelated and cheap.


8 Not checking the date of delivery If you have an event in mind for your display system to be used for then it is of the utmost importance to check the delivery date of the items. A setup is no good to you if it’s received after the event!


9 Choosing the wrong fabric for outdoors setups Fabrics for display systems for outdoor areas need to be hardwearing and tough. This may differ from the setup that you need for indoor events, so always check first.


10 Not getting advice from others Two heads are always better than one. Asking for a second opinion before choosing a display system and images can help save you from costly mistakes. Choosing a trusted advisor is always a good idea with any important decision.


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