Mitosis Split!

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A cartoon video.


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A short time ago, in an animal far, far, away… Rules and regulations apply to copyright---just kidding…..

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Episode 1: The Mitosis Split

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OHO! Eez Monsieur here going to do ze divide? No fear! Golgi Apparatus eez here to help you through zees training! Umm….No offense, but who THE HECK ARE YOU?!?! Does Monsieur have no ears?!? I eez the great Monsieur Golgi Apparatus!!! Cells don’t have ears, Mister Goulpy Appyrashut. Oh…….we don’t?? Thees eez an outrage! Wait! I go to talk to zee movie director. …..Okay?....

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…..Okay?.... I can fly…

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READY? Mitosis Split in 5 seconds!

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Thanks for watching!

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MORAL: Golgi Apparatus is only good at wasting 5 minutes of your precious precious time.

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