Reasons Why Damon Braces are Differing to The Traditional Braces

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Check out these reasons why Damon Braces are differing to the Traditional Braces. For more details about Damon system call Ooli Orthodontics AZ at 480-777-7759.


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Damon VS Traditional Braces:

Damon VS Traditional Braces Damon and Traditional braces both are used to straighten the teeth. Damon braces become comfortable than the traditional braces.

1. Cost::

Traditional braces is the most cost effective and popular option to straighten the teeth. The continuous improvement makes them more affordable and effective. Damon braces do cost more than the traditional braces. 1. Cost:

2. Treatment process::

Damon braces are faster teeth aligner process than the traditional braces. Traditional braces requires more time to straighten the teeth and gives more pressure on teeth because of it’s wire. 2. Treatment process:

3. Comfortable::

Damon braces requires lesser friction, lesser force, and faster tooth movement but traditional braces needs more force and friction to straighten the teeth. That’s why Damon braces are more comfortable than the Traditional braces. 3. Comfortable:

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