Google ads or Facebook ads. Which is your pick?


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Google ads or Facebook ads. Which is your pick?:

Google ads or Facebook ads. Which is your pick?

Google ads or Facebook ads. Which is your pick?:

The new online advertisers always face the dilemma of Google Adwords or Facebook social ads. The adversarial ways of  Google and Facebook ads  are not confidential and their long-standing rivalry is quite visible through the media outlets and other sources. Google is widely searched by almost unanimously by the entire world population and Facebook is the first-ever social media platform to reach such high acceptance and popularity. The level of audience reach of both the platform is undeniable and freaking huge. So, which is the suitable platform for your digital marketing? Google ads or Facebook ads. Which is your pick?


Benefits of Google ads audience: A wide ground of audience: As mentioned above, Google is searched almost unanimously by the entire global population. According to a survey, there are 40,000 search queries every second and a sum of more than 1.2 trillion web searches per year. It is potential of Google to increase its audiences in the future ahead. No search engine provides a potential audience for your advertisement like Google. The exposure to a vast potential audience is excellent for digital marketing Fair play: Paying high for advertising in Google ads is not the rule. The quality and most importantly the relevance of the ad is the real game. The advertisement should be relevant to the user to ensure reaching far. Range of ad formats: While the format of ads was initially text-based, there is a number of new features that have been introduced to the advertisers to make the ads more appealing to the potential customers. Ad extensions, site links, location targeting, shopping ads are some of the features in this wide belt.


Advantage of Facebook ads: Visual appeal: Unlike the dizzy text, Facebook is a very colorful and visually strong platform. The contents of the ads are very cleverly but effortlessly blended with the news feed that it compels the user to appreciate the quality of the ads and its persuasion. Immense popularity: Until the last few years, it was needless to say that Facebook is a monopoly in the market of the social media platform. Even now it is the most used social platform. More than one-fifth of the global population uses Facebook and this number excludes the deactivated and inactive accounts. With such immense popularity, Facebook ads are a golden maneuver in your digital marketing strategy.


Excellent ROI: Apart from the exposure and high-quality content ads, the return on investment is especially skyrocketing. Although the budget of different Facebook ads vary differently but Facebook ads are very much affordable, considering the quality, impact on the audience and the potential profit of the advertiser.


After knowing the advantages of both the platforms, you need to analyze which is more suitable to advertise your content- Google ads or Facebook ads. After the studying, the whole matter of Google AdWords and Facebook ads we realize that both of them are an equally powerful platform in the virtual level and the high-quality ad contents championed by both the platforms will only persuade the users. So rather viewing them in a ring of rivals against one another, we must utilize the very excellent digital marketing platforms as complementary to one another. Use both paid search and paid social in your strategy to gain the maximum profit from your content.



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