Environmental Benefit of Artificial Putting Green


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Benefits that artificial putting green has, being non-toxic and lead free makes it a perfect and safe landscape alternative for kids and pets. For more info visit: https://artificialturfandgrass97405009.wordpress.com/2018/02/03/environmental-benefit-of-artificial-putting-green/


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By Dga Greens Environmental Benefit of Artificial Putting Green

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Besides being an excellent lawn alternative that will save you money and time the turf looks green and fresh throughout the year without much maintenance.

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Being a citizen of this earth it is our duty to save such a precious resource like water by any means. By switching to turf you can actually keep your water bills low and your lawn green.

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The average lawn mower emits toxic fumes and other particulates into the air seriously affecting air quality. Running your lawn mower produces as much pollution as driving your car 100-200 miles.

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With the artificial turf you not just save gallons of water but also don’t use any chemical product that is dangerous for the environment hence protecting the world around you.

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Artificial putting greens have prevented the use of 1 billion gallons of pesticides and fertilizers. Studies have proven over and over again that artificial turf has no visible negative impact on the environment and also that it is safe for all your family members.

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An artificial putting green saves you time money efforts resources and helps the environment in many ways so it only makes sense to switch.

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