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Disfrútalo y ojala aprendas algo a la vez

Biotechnology in Rio Lagartos : 

Biotechnology in Rio Lagartos La biotecnología en Rio lagartos

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procedure is applied which uses living organisms or their processes for obtension of a good or a service.

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In the river port of lizards can find some of their classifications as biotechnology in industry, medicine and livestock

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Biotecnología Industrial Industrial biotechnology

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Since time immemorial, biotechnology has been used by mankind especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries such as bakery, production of wine and cheese.

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It is a food industry that supports the economy of several families, we use the example of biotechnology, as it is a procedure where we can get a good.

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Biotecnología Biomédica Biomedical Biotechnology

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The four areas of human health research in biotechnology has the greatest impact are those relating to molecular diagnosis and prognosis of diseases, drug development, cell therapy and tissue engineering and, finally, gene therapy and gene vaccines

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Tion to the invention of agriculture and animal the domestication de allowed the first human groups to obtain more disponibilidad their feeding learned to cultivate plants and domesticate. Biotecnología en la Ganadería Biotechnology in Livestock

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conclusión Our goal was met and we knew a little more about the importance of biotechnology in our community and with this presentation ppt awaken an interest in the subject because it is not common in our port. Throughout this project. We encountered difficulties such as: the use of programs, loss of shyness when WATCHDOG narrate and nerves, but all that served us, since we observed an improvement to staff and to the English language.

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Integrantes : Isabeth Marfil Alcocer Dalia Rajón ceme Luisa yareni Rajón Gonzales Amayrani Nah fernandez Colegio De Bachilleres Del Estado De Yucatán Biología Lic.Bio. Julián Dávila contreras