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We are the supplier, manufacturers and exporters of end mill sharpener now applicable to sharpen high speed steel. These are the specially designed machine structure that permits set up of cutting long flute end mills. Contact us at www.cuttermasters.com.


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Twist drills convert dull and must be sharpened. The ideal method of sharpening a twist drill is with the drill grinding engine but this machine is not permanently available in field and keep units so the improvised method of drill refining must be used. The offhand technique requires that the operator have an acquaintance of the drilling geometry and how to change drill angles as required for any drilling job. Tools needed are a usefulness or bench grinder with a dressed wheel and a Drill sharpener point device or protractor head on the grouping square. The drill point Gage is set at 59° and familiar along the steel rule to fit the drill to be sharpened. The cutting lips must be of the equal position the lip consent angle must be within a precise degree range and the cutting lips must be of an equivalent length. There are numerous basic characteristics that all twist drills must have to cut correctly. The following will cover those characteristics. Bits can be luxurious exclusively the long drill bits used for safety system wiring. End mill sharpener instead of replacing them will not first save you money it will make drilling faster and easier since you will always have recently sharpened bits on hand. Commercial drill bit sharpeners are obtainable and many can bring a dull bit back to almost-new condition. If you’re like me though you’d rather not purchase a special tool that only does one job. Exclusively when an effortlessly good drill bit sharpener may previously be sitting on your workbench Using an ordinary bench grinder found in many home yards you can rapidly sharpen bits free hand. They would not be as attractive as a brand-new bit but they will cut like crazy and get you back in action fast. If you previously have a commercial drill bit sharpener as well as know how to use it learning the bench grinder method gives you a back-up plan in case the ready- made unit isn’t accessible. Contact Us: 2353 Ridgecrest Place Ottawa Ontario Canada Phone 800 417 2171 | Cell 613 523 7753 | Fax 613 523 8265 Website: www.cuttermasters.com

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