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Do we need wheel spacers? The answer is yes we do. The wheels of the car may be situated way inward. This may have been caused by the offset been way too high. This gives an ugly look to the vehicle.


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Do we need wheel spacers The answer is yes we do. The wheels of the car may be situated way inward. This may have been caused by the offset been way too high. This gives an ugly look to the vehicle. This is technically not right because the tire can now come in contact with the inside of the wheel. The tire can also come in contact with the suspension components. The wheel spacers for rims at Customadeonly will rectify the offset by pushing the wheel out. Reasons for requiring spacers: The wheels of the car may be situated inward. The offset of the car may have been the reason. The wheel spacers will rectify this situation. By pushing the wheels apart the car becomes more stable now. The vehicle wheels are moved outward. This gives an aggressive look to the vehicle. What size to buy Choosing the size of the spacers that will meet your requirement is not an easy job. The tire- fender distance has to be measured. Use the old fashioned tape or ruler to measure the wheel gap. The empty space will be your spacer size. Do not go beyond the empty space because this will result in the rubbing of the tire on the fender. You do not want thin spacers because that will not satisfy your needs. In short before making a decision regarding the size of the spacers know the exact wheel exact tire and correct suspension settings.

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Benefits of installation of wheel spacers: Good quality wheel spacers are made up of billet aluminum. They are very strong. The wheel spacers bolt on the studs of an axle and they can be used to change the patterns of the wheel bolt. They can also be used to broaden the offset of the wheel. The performance of the vehicle is significantly improved by the installation of the wheel spacers. Cornering is faster: Since the spacers are installed between the hub and the wheel placing the spacers widens the track. This allows cornering of the vehicles at a faster pace because the grip hold in the corner of your vehicle is increased. Spacers for rims also have an impact on the spinning of the car’s wheels. Your car will enjoy more grips at the back if you set up spacers at the back instead of the front. Impact of the spacer on the steering wheel: The steering will become heavier once you install the wheel spacers. The greater the dimensions of spacers the steering will have a tendency to become more heavy. It may become a bit difficult to turn the steering wheel because a wider track implies that extra effort will be required to maneuver the wheels. All this depends on how the spacer is breath wise. A quarter of an inch spacer breadth wise will not have a significant impact as a one or two inches spacer.

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Before you make a decision of choosing bolt on the spacer check and see if they are compatible with your wheels. Spacers are safe for your wheels. You have to work on the measurements first then you will not have any problems. Customadeonly Address: 42624 Christy Street City: Fremont State: CA Country: USA Zip code: 94538 Phone no: 5109267075 Email ID:customadeonlygmail.com Website: http://www.customadeonly.com

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