A Development of Formative Evaluation System Examining Delivery of Onl

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A Development of Formative Evaluation System Examining Delivery of Online Courses Dr. Nenita V. Habulan Associate Director Center of Educational Multimedia De La Salle University Manila [email protected]


ABSTRACT OF THE STUDY: Online learning as an evolving educational practice requires a formative evaluation system designed to look into the various factors which can prompt, promote and sustain online interaction.


This paper will present the output of a research study conducted to develop a formative evaluation system which examine the interaction of three major elements namely: Faculty technology skills Design of course content and The system’s technical features and capabilities as they prompt, promote and sustain online interaction


The formative evaluation system developed in this study was piloted among the first batch of online practicing faculty members of De La Salle University- Manila using the Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE) online course management system.


Overall, the study showed sufficient evidence of the interactions of these three elements in prompting, promoting and sustaining online interaction.


PHASE 1 Concepts and Elements f Formative Evaluation Process PHASE 2 Preliminary Formative Evaluation Framework Faculty Technology Skills Design Of Course Content Use of IVLE System PHASE 3 Pilot Testing of Preliminary Formative Evaluation System PHASE 4 Final Proposed Formative Evaluation System Figure 1. Development of formative evaluation system.