Communications_Lecture 2

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Let’s Review:

Let’s Review Sentence Practice Walk around and chat with your classmates Tell them your sentence and listen to their sentence Talk to as many people as possible 1 minute/sentence (I will tell you when to switch)

Ordering Food:

Ordering Food

Unique :

Unique Something special or different


Atmosphere The feeling of a place

Décor :

Décor The decoration or design of the inside of a building

Motivation :

Motivation The desire to achieve something

Club Sandwich :

Club Sandwich A sandwich with many layers


Toppings The things you put on a pizza

Inch :

Inch 2.5 centimeters

Nerves :

Nerves The part of your body that helps you feel

Tea Time!:

Tea Time!

Group Discussion:

Group Discussion Have you ever ordered food in English? Do you usually eat out or stay in for dinner? Do you think you eat a healthy diet? Why do you think fast food chains are so popular? In North America obesity (being very overweight) is big health problem, why don’t you think this is a big problem in Taiwan? Do you think there is pressure to be skinny in Taiwan? If yes, what problems can this cause? In your opinion, which country has the most delicious/most disgusting food?