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For almost twenty years Christian Films has been on a mission to provide the widest range of films to families of faith. There are several varieties of movies released every now and then in the world cinema. It has the ability to influence your thoughts and feelings. Many films today show children being disrespectful to parents or engaging in suggestive behavior. If you are allowed to watch these films often children may get the idea that this behavior is cool and attempt to copy it. Here the list of top rated Christian Movies • Genesis: Paradise Lost There is an increasing attack on the Bible’s teaching that God created the heavens on earth. It is a battleground discussion that most Christian are unprepared for. Genesis: Paradise Lost build up how an intelligently designed universe matches both science and scripture. • God’s compass It is an excellent film and is both inspiring and dramatic. The connection between husband and wife reveals miraculous blessings that bring the whole family through healing and joyful confirmation that God has a plan for the “True North.”

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• Behind the sun This is a story of a young man’s choice a father’s pain and a family apart. The best Christian movie ‘Behind the Sun’ is based on real-life situations where believers face persecution loneliness and even death when their own families reject them for choosing Jesus. • Heaven’s War A powerful story of the devotional battle that rages around us for every human soul. After a terrorist bomb blast John Thomas is forced into an epic battle fought between life and death Heaven and Hell. • Remember the goal A young girl takes over the cross country plan at an all girl’s Christian school and attempts to lead them to their first-ever state heading. She guides the girls along with the pathway of life. • The God who speaks

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The movie traces the evidence of the Bible’s authority with some of the respected apologists scholars and pastors in the evangelical world. • Mountain Top An Appalachian small-town minister who gave up his law practice years ago follows a calling back into the courtroom to solve a case that has roots deeply woven into his own life. • Pamela’s prayer This is the story of a prayerful father a listening daughter and the sovereignty of God. It is the faith realized and purity lifted high. These are some of the trending Christian movies. You can enjoy all movies with your family and friends on the weekend. Watch Christianity based movies today

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