Five ways Healthcare companies reduce costs

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FIVE WAYS HEALTHCARE COMPANIES REDUCE COST - improve data collection and treatment outcomes A web-accessible integrated case management software saves time improves data collection data security and treatment outcomes. It provides added business intelligence and Peace of mind.

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Five ways Healthcare companies reduce costs 1 | P a g e When the main cost driver in your company is labour saving time has a huge impact on cost reduction and your bottom line. Here are 5 ways to save time and reduce costs: 1. Duplicate data entries cost money Some companies use several software programs and manual processes to manage their clients. As a result the same information is entered in multiple places. For instance: - Bio data – Excel HCAI QuickBooks letters notes - Treatment charges – Log or Excel HCAI or Billing software A case manager for instance may average 60-80 entries per month for client. If the daily activities are recorded in an Excel template and re-recorded again in HCAI for invoicing the total number of entries are now doubled. As a result this company spends several days each month on HCAI invoicing. Time saver solution: Invest in an integrated single-entry software. Your case manager or therapist enters her time directly against the OCF plan. She can see the balances or number of sessions used and remaining. The software alert system advises of any overbilling. Her entries are cued to the HCAI invoice and validated by the system for conformity. It’s easy efficient and accurate Lesson: Avoid duplication Time saver 1: Admin staff do not have to re- enter billing items into HCAI billing. Time saver 2: Your therapist or CM does not have to keep their payroll time. The system does.

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Five ways Healthcare companies reduce costs 2 | P a g e 2. Storing information on a server is cumbersome and restrictive A recent survey suggests that 65 of Healthcare companies store their documents in folders on a network or local server. In-house employees navigate to the desired client folder to retrieve or save files. Therapists and employees working outside of the office have limited or no access to their client files or in some cases unrestricted access to all of the company’s files. In the former case completion of tasks are done by a support staff in the office. These disparate and disconnected systems require layers of duplicated effort to coordinate execute and track routine tasks. Additionally there is the usual cost to setup and maintain the local server and maintenance of the client folders. Time saver solution: Invest in a web-accessible case management software with integrated document storage capabilities. Whether you are in the office at a conference or at home accessing your client files is easy and secure. With 24x7 access to their client files your therapists are empowered to perform any number of tasks without the intervention of support staff. Here are a few examples: - draft review or submit treatment plans - work on or review documents progress notes and reports - access tasks reminders and receive or post updates - post billing items etc. Lesson: Replace in-house server system Time saver 1: Client files and documents are stored in one location - easy to locate and update. Time saver 2: The system has real time information. Collaboration between staff members and therapists is easier and more efficient.

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Five ways Healthcare companies reduce costs 3 | P a g e 3. Integrated Notes Reminders and Task management saves time Task management notes reminders are critical to the success of a Healthcare company. Although a significant number of therapists still carry a paper Day-Timer of some sort email calendar and phone are the most common task management tools. These tools are familiar and flexible but comes with questionable levels of efficiency requiring a significant amount of time to administer at both ends. Time saver solution: A web-accessible case management software with integrated Notes Reminders and Task management tools provides 24x7 access to client information and tracking. Policy and process driven tools provide automatic triggers and alerts reminders and notifications are easy to action. Alerts allows support staff and therapists to identify and address issues in a timely and effective manner. With updates to clients-records shared across the organization in real time both staff and therapists know what the next steps are with the least amount of effort and uncertainty. Overall an integrated Notes Reminders and Task management system is more streamlined and requires less time to administer. It is a time saver Lesson: Phone and email communication is time consuming 4. Mail merge saves time Preparing correspondence reports client notes are routine tasks in the healthcare sector. Whether mandatory or optional preparation and transmission can incur many hours each Time saver 1: Policy and process reminders require less staff interaction and have less human error. Time saver 2: With real time information staff and therapists spend less time managing and completing tasks and follow-ups.

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Five ways Healthcare companies reduce costs 4 | P a g e month. Working with Templates such as Microsoft Word saves time however it stops short of a full mail merge requiring additional editing and manual entry. Time saver solution: A case management solution with an integrated mail merge system produces professionally designed and personalized letters and reports with the click of a few buttons. This system pulls information from various parts of the client and case file improving both the efficiency and accuracy of the outputted document. For instance your thank-you letter to your referring company can merge your template letter with the name and address of your referral company name of client date of referral type of service to name a few. You have the option to edit or proceed to printing emailing or send via secure file transfer all in less than one minute. 5. QuickBooks integration saves time Whether you bill your clients directly or through HCAI you enter all of the billing information into the invoicing program or directly into HCAI. Your accounting staff then re-enters this information into QuickBooks or another accounting program. These duplicated entries require many hours each month and has no added value to your company. Time saver solution: Invest in a case management software that is integrated with QuickBooks. This integration transfers your clients invoice and payment to QuickBooks with a single click saving you hours of data entry each month. Time saver 1: Save hours every month using templated letters and client notes. Time saver 2: Produce accurate and complex reports in one or two minutes.

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Five ways Healthcare companies reduce costs 5 | P a g e Lesson: Avoid duplication How much will such a system costs This article is not intended to provide an exhaustive cost-benefit analysis of investing in a case management software. Its objective is to highlight a few key cost-saving considerations in an increasingly competitive sector. Each business is unique in its combination of its business culture use of technology and service delivery. Chances are however an integrated case management system may save your company money. Look at it this way. If your therapist saves 30 minutes per month using an integrated case management system the system will pay for itself. The added benefits of such a system are a definite bonus: PHI data security accountability and transparency automatic backup and disaster recovery data encryption better quality up-to- date and more complete client records. Good Luck on managing your costs About the Author Danny Doobay MBA BA Hons. has been a Business and IT consultant to industry and government for more than 25 years. He has held executive positions in both public and private sectors. He has also project managed software development implementation and data migration. He is currently the CEO of Baylaan Technologies a software solutions developer based in Markham Ontario. Baylaan develops both custom and packaged software solutions for Health and Financial sectors. Should you have questions or comments you may reach me at: Tel: 905-202-4716 Fax: 905-202-5263 Email: Time saver 1: QuickBooks integration saves hours every month. Follow Danny on :

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