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Salutations! Welcome to Mr. Patrick’s lair.

Classroom Procedures:

Classroom Procedures Everyone has a handout A quiz will be given on these! They could save a life!

As you enter…:

As you enter… Arrive prior to the tardy bell Turn in your homework into the homework bin Take a seat Start the bell ringer activity

As you exit…:

As you exit… Class ends when you are dismissed by the instructor—not before Do not pack up anything until you are dismissed If you are caught packing up prematurely you will be asked to complete an extra assignment Exit calmly, and orderly


TESTS Relax. Come in and be seated. There will be no bell ringer activity on test days Make sure you have two well sharpened number 2 pencils If you do not have the appropriate materials notify the instructor prior the tests being given All belongings must be stored securely so that it, in no way, looks as if you could possibly be cheating. The skull and crossbones are a joke, I will properly prepare you for all tests—that’s my promise.

During your test:

During your test Keep eyes on your own sheet at all times When you are finished with your test, turn the paper over. If you are caught talking at any time during the test you will be asked to leave. (This refers to anytime ANY test is still out) When all test papers are turned over the teacher will collect the sheets.


TORNADO Grab your text book. Line up at the door. Exit to the right. Line up on the wall. Sit facing the wall. Cover your head. Remain calm.

Fire Drill:

Fire Drill Calmly exit the classroom to the right and head toward the nearest exit BE CALM so that no one gets trampled or hurt. Go to the assigned spot in the parking lot and line up. Wait for roll to be called. Keep voices low so there is no confusion and nobody will be hurt or worse.

You have a crush on someone near you:

You have a crush on someone near you Stay Calm Be yourself Be confident


Assignments Head your paper in the following format (upper left hand corner) Name: Date: Period: Subject

Lockdown procedures:

Lockdown procedures If the school goes into lockdown while in this classroom you will… Stay calm and quiet while the teacher locks the classroom doors Move away from the windows and doorways Remain calm and at a whisper until the lockdown is over

Group assignments:

Group assignments Pick up all of your items ( bookbag and books) Move into your pre-assigned groups Move your desks into a manageable position Await further instructions

Student Illness:

Student Illness If you are ill—notify the teacher immediately (there will be no punishment for not feeling well) If someone next to you is ill or acting ill—notify the teacher immediately, interrupt if necessary.

Bathroom Breaks:

Bathroom Breaks Go to the restroom before class If it is an emergency, write a note explaining the situation and hand it to the teacher while exciting the classroom—remember not to be gone long and refer to the returning to class procedures.

Returning/Entering to class while in session…:

Returning/Entering to class while in session… Enter quietly Find your seat Do not disturb your neighbors—the teacher will catch you up at the appropriate time See the instructor after class ends

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