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Audience Feedback:

One Minute Music Video Draft Audience Feedback Shake It Out

Overall Feedback::

Overall Feedback: ‘The colour/black and white contrast is effective – they are very markedly different, which is good.’ Overall, the music video was well received, those who watched it complimented the greyscale and colour juxtaposition and recognised this as a device to differentiate the narrative from the performance. ‘It works [well] in conjunction with the black and white vs. colour’ ‘The change in colours within the shot’ What was good/effective about the project?:


Symbolism The ‘Black Box’ was also successfully recognised as a symbol of the protagonist’s problems, however, comments state that the black box needs to make more of an appearance to emphasise its significance to the audience. ‘Some nice, intriguiry touches – the box’ ‘Somehow make the symbol of the black box clearer’

Type of Music:

Type of Music Most of the feedback I received recognised the music video as a ‘Standard Clip’ with narrative elements or vice versa. T his is what I am intending, as the music video is both a televised bard and a commercial exhibitionist type. However, one stated that there needs to be more lipsyncing within the narrative side of the music video. ‘Standard clip – performance elements mixed in with a narrative part’ ‘The music video is a narrative with performance elements’

Ancillary Products:

Ancillary Products All individuals who gave feedback complimented the use of greyscale and colour as a means of juxtaposition, as it is visible in both the magazine advert and digipak . Praise was also given to artist being as prominent in the ancillary products as he is in the music video. Although, comments added that the black box’s place is more evident within the ancillary products than the music video, and should be the other way round. ‘ Digipak links well with the music video as the artist is evident’ ‘Is the black box […] going to play a part?’ ‘consistency of the black box symbol’

Goodwin’s Theory:

Goodwin’s Theory Feedbacks points out various different correlations with Goodwin’s theory; most notably: the notion of looking is highly addressed, as well as meeting the demands of the record label. A relationship between music, lyrics and visuals were also recognised. ‘The music and visuals match quite nicely – the pace of the editing feels right for most of the song, that the visuals ‘look’ fits the down beat musical style when appropriate. Lyrics match well to visuals with the use of the black box […] close ups of the artist ‘submitting’ himself to the gaze theory.’ ‘Images meet record label demands as he is shown throughout – only person. Demonstrates genre characteristics – slows cuts – with the pace of song. ‘The notion of looking is clear through the narrative. Close ups of the artist to advertise him.’

Conclusive Improvements Required:

Conclusive Improvements Required My audience feedback has made it evident as to what has worked well, and what needs to be changed. From this feedback, I shall integrate the symbol of the ‘black box’ more thoroughly into the music video. I have also repeated a few shots, so, to remedy this I must use different angles rather than the more repetitive mid shot that is seen more consistently throughout my music video – I shall experiment with shots such as: handheld, canted, establishing, POV and others. Although overall, most feedback has been positive and I shall continue with my current execution of my music video.