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Locations - Shake It Out

Bedroom One:

Bedroom One My music video for ‘Shake It Out’ uses three locations, two of which are bedrooms. The first bedroom is used for the performance side of the music video. I shall have the artist playing his keyboard towards the window. This bedroom was chosen due to mise -en-scene, it is quite spacious, this is to juxtapose with the second bedroom as the bedroom’s space represents the person’s mind. The performer’s bedroom is open, just like their mind; unlike the narrative character’s. The room is also very well lit due to the two large windows, this will contrast the light and dark between the narrative and performance side of the music video.

Bedroom Two:

Bedroom Two The second bedroom was chosen due to being much smaller than the first, this represents the narrative character’s closed mind. This correlates to the music video, as the character attempts to shut the world out. The area also allow for better use of props, due to the room’s small stature, props will stand out, and in turn, create a greater sense of emphasis. The room also has a small window, which can be used to manipulate lighting. This lighting can be used to represent meaning within the video, as light will progressively brighten as the music video progresses.


Hallway (From Bedroom Two’s Perspective) The final significant location within the music video for ‘Shake It Out’, is the hallway. This is essentially the ‘bridge’ from Performance and Narrative which will intertwine nearing the climax of the music video. It will also play a part at the beginning of the music video, as we will see the narrative protagonist pass the camera, leaving the text ‘Christopher White – Shake It Out’ on the wall.