Configuring Your Facebook Page for Giving - Add a Button

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Use social media to enhance online fundraising efforts by adding a Donate button to your non-profit or company page.


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Configuring Your Facebook Page for Giving - Add a Button:

Configuring Your Facebook Page for Giving - Add a Button b y Kelly Gutowski

What we will do::

What we will do: Launch Continue to Give Navigate to and Copy the URL Launch your Facebook page Select Add Button selecting a name Paste in the URL information Save Test

Giving Link on Facebook:

Giving Link on Facebook This presentation will cover adding a button on your Facebook page that links your Continue to Give campaign page. Ranked #1

But my button is already in use!:

But my button is already in use! FB only allows one button per page. If you have already used the button feature for another function, reference our presentation Configuring Your Facebook for Giving | Facebook Fundraising App. Use the Facebook Fundraising app instead. Call Now Send Message Book Now Use App Shop Now Contact Us Send Email Play Game

Before you begin…:

Before you begin… We assume you have already have a Facebook business or non-profit page. Facebook does not allow donate buttons on personal pages. You should also have a registered account with Continue to Give.

Let’s begin… Step 1:

Let’s begin… Step 1 Launch your Continue to Give dashboard. Scroll down to the Receive Donations Online section and select the Click here for instructions link.

Step 2:

Step 2 Select the L ink to New Page option to expand the section.

Step 3:

Step 3 Highlight and copy the URL text for your appropriate type of organization.

Step 4:

Step 4 Launch your Facebook page and select the Add Button option. If your Facebook page is categorized as a non-profit, this button will be labeled Call to Action .

Step 5:

Step 5 The text options available for your button depend on the classification of your page. If your FB page is categorized as a non-profit, you will have the Donation option. Select Donate option. If your page is classified as a business, or any other type of organization, we recommend the Sign Up option. In our example, we select Get in Touch with Us then Sign Up .

Step 6:

Step 6 The Link to a Website window displays. Paste the URL you copied from Continue to Give into the field and Save Changes .


Voila! You have a button on your Facebook page. Be sure to test your button after it is in place to ensure the link is working.

Thank you for watching!:

Thank you for watching! Continue to Give Customer Service 800-684-0550 [email protected] https:// Helping people, help people.

Additional Information Links:

Additional Information Links Crowdfunding App https:// Church Tithing https://

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