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Churches and Nonprofits wanting to add missionaries to their accounts or allowing missionaries to request to become a missionary of their organization can follow these easy steps to setting up their Continue to Give software for this functionality.


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How to Add Missionaries to your Continue to Give account:

Missionary Fundraising How to Add Missionaries to your Continue to Give account

How it Works:

A missionary creates an account on Continue to Give The missionary will request to become a missionary of your organization Once they submit a request you must either approve or deny those requests Once approved the missionary can fundraise under your organization using Continue to Give software How it Works

What is a Missionary Account:

Missionary accounts are ‘sub-accounts’ of your main organization. Missionaries have their own profile or fundraising page and have their own login. All funds go through the missionaries page into the main organizations bank account. It is the responsibility of the organization to give the raised funds to the missionary. Missionaries have sole control over their account and profile. What is a Missionary Account

How to Setup Missionaries:

First, make sure your organization is setup to accept missionary requests. In your settings go to “Fundraising Setup” and make sure you have clicked that you accept missionaries. How to Setup Missionaries

Now that You Accept Missionary Requests::

Tell your missionaries to go to www.continuetogive.com and click on the “Get Started” button and choose “Missionary” They will then be prompted to create a login, upload pictures, etc. Now that You Accept Missionary Requests:

During their Setup:

They can search for their church or organization and request to become a missionary. During their Setup

If they miss that step::

They can always go to your Continue to Give page and request to be a missionary there when they are logged in. If they miss that step:

Approve or Deny Missionary Request::

Go to “My Settings” view public page(organization name) Click on the Missionary tab and then choose Requests for Me Now you can Accept or Deny missionaries Approve or Deny Missionary Request:

Your Missionaries :

Once you have approved a missionary they will show up under your missionaries tab and will be associated with your organization. Your Missionaries

Continue to Give:

Continue to Give is an online, mobile, offering kiosk , and Facebook fundraising and giving software for missionaries , churches, nonprofits, and individuals. We help with all your fundraising and church tithing needs! www.continuetogive.com Email us: [email protected] Continue to Give

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