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Check this link right here for more information on Buy Cigars. Cigars have long been a habit, often a part of religious event or party. Rich in historical heritage and also relevance, today Cuban Cigars are generally smoked for satisfaction, usually for celebratory reasons or as a social status sign. We consider our own selves to be the professionals in everything Cigars, building our knowledge throughout the years and also crafting the very best of Cigars and devices for you to enjoy.Follow Us:


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Cuban Cigars:

Cuban Cigars


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Cuban Cigars:

Cuban Cigars Cuban cigars are rolled from tobacco leaves found throughout the country of Cuba. The filler, binder, and wrapper may come from different portions of the island. All cigar production in Cuba is controlled by the Cuban government, and each brand may be rolled in several different factories in Cuba. Cuban cigar rollers or "torcedores" are claimed by cigar experts to be the most skilled rollers in the world. Torcedores are highly respected in Cuban society and culture and travel worldwide displaying their art of hand rolling Cuban cigars. 1

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Cuban Cigar Online carry on the oldest Cuban tradition with the goal of bringing back world`s most finest products of Cuba. Cuban sophisticated Caribbean flavors known in ancient world and admired from Royal Crowns from the 15 th century until modern-day survived and gave to the world chance to enjoy Cuban cigars brands. Cuban Cigar Online offering the finest cigar brands such Cohiba , Partagas,Trinidad, Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Punch, Ramon Allones, Saint Luis Rey, Por Larranaga, Bolivar, Cuaba, H.Upmann, Diplomaticos, Sanch Panza..supplied by the official distributors in Canada for several years.We sincerely hope you enjoy our fine Cuban cigars and their sophisticated and extraordinary flavors. CUBAN CIGARS 2

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Perhaps the most famous Cuban cigars are the "Cohibas", delicate and flavorful cigars that have smokers all over the planet. But let's not forget about other unique brands too: "Montecristo", "Partagas" and many more manufacturers make Cuba the first and most important tobacco producer and supplier in the world, and this is a well deserved award. CUBAN CIGAR 3


CUBAN CIGAR Cohiba is the flagship brand of Habanos . It was created in 1966 for Fidel Castro himself and also as diplomatic gifts for foreign heads of state. It was not until 1982 that Fidel decided to release the brand to the market, and he did so during the World Cup that was held in Spain. The leaves useed  for Cohiba cigars are the first choice of leaves available from the finest tobacco plantations of the Vuelta Abajo region.  Uniqually , the seco and ligero leaves receive a third fermentation in barrels which contributes to the smoothness of the brand and seperates them from the rest of the Havana Cigars. 4


BUY CIGARS Instead of shopping for a Cuban cigar box on the black market, it is best to shop from reputable dealers. Take the time to make sure the dealer is honest and look over the box of cigars carefully before purchasing them. If there are any imperfections, then most likely the cigar box is not genuine.   5

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There are several reasons why Cuban cigars are considered to be some of the best cigars on the market. For one, they are made in precisely the same way for the last several hundred years. The government controls the industry and is very interested in maintaining its high reputation. For this reason, every single Cuban cigar leaving the island has been made perfectly in every way and will not contain a single flaw. The fact that each cigar contains only high grade Cuban tobacco ensures that a smoker will get an excellent smoke out of every single cigar he or she chooses. Finally, the fact that these cigars are not easy to purchase has only made them more desirable. BUY CIGARS These cigars stand out because they are made from high quality materials and a lot of care and attention goes into the making of every single cigar. In fact, it has been estimated that it takes over one hundred steps to properly produce a single Cuban cigar. 6

Slide 9: is pleased to offer quality cigar humidors and humidor accessories to keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke. Our wide selection of humidors feature a variety of styles, designs, and prices. Shop glass top humidors, large humidors, medium humidors, small humidors, travel humidors, cigar cases and much more. CIGAR HUMIDOR 7

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A humidor is any kind of box or room with constant humidity that is used to store cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco. For private use, small wooden boxes holding a few dozen cigars are common, while cigar shops may have walk-in humidors. Humidors can be used to maintain consistent humidity level for other goods; the Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball team stores game balls in a large humidor at their home stadium, Coors Field, to counteract the effects of Denver's low humidity. Many humidors use hygrometers to monitor their humidity levels. CIGAR HUMIDOR 8

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CIGAR HUMIDOR Many of you who have just joined the cigar revolution may wonder if you need to purchase a cigar humidor, quietly mumbling to yourself, "I already had to buy a lighter, now this!" While some people do believe that keeping cigars in a plastic bag with a damp towel is sufficient enough to keep them suitable, nine out of ten cigar lovers likely splurge on the humidor. And, of course, nine out of ten dentists would probably agree. This is because cigars adapt to their surroundings, absorbing their environment like a sponge. If they are kept in an ill-suited environment, they will age to be ill-suited cigars, disappointing both their parents and the person who bought them. On the flip side, however, is the fact that if cigars are placed in a well-suited environment, they will age to become well-suited for even the most seasoned connoisseur. 9


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