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BRAND AWARENESS AND ITS IMPORTANCE FOR ORGANIZATION Before anything first of all let’s learn what brand awareness actually is. In simple words brand awareness is the probability that how many customers can recognize your brand either by its name or by the availability of its product. It is the key factor to evaluate the customer’s behavior and interests. It includes both brand recognition and brand recall. Building brand awareness is the one secret to expand the business by promoting new products or recovering an older brand. For example Apple Coca-Cola Samsung Microsoft Nike are some of the popular brands which are on the mouth of every second person. Wondering What these brands did to reach up to this level. So there are some simple tricks and tactics used by every organization to create brand awareness. ● Word-of-mouth: It is one of the powerful ways to promote a brand as the more people talk about your brand the more likely they will remember your brand which can directly help you in driving people towards your brand and products. So let people talk about your product. ● Concentrate on Product: Always fulfill your customer’s requirements and deliver the products as per their needs only because a product is the center point around which a powerful brand revolves. So before creating brand awareness create a powerful product that can compete for you in this race of brands. ● Perform SEO and Keyword research: To create brand awareness you really need to be found on Google. And the sole way of doing this is to perform SEO and keyword research. Through keyword research you will get an idea about what people are searching for and what are the keywords your brand should use to lift up its rank on search engines. SEO and keyword research are slow yet the most effective ways of building brand awareness. ● Social media is a weapon: Engage more more on social media platforms and let your target audience find you. Meet your audience on every social handle and tell them about your product by sharing or posting relevant content. To know more click here ​. Codleo Consulting Pvt Ltd.

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