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Using you can transfer encrypted files online securely. It is online file transfer service which allows you to do secure file transfer and no one will be able to counterfeit with your data. Visit @


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Secure File Transfer:

Secure File Transfer Prepared By:- CodebaseAG -

File Transfer:

File Transfer Transferring files from one computer to another is one of the most common tasks expected from a networking or internetworking environment. As a matter of fact, the greatest volume of data exchange in the Internet today is due to file transfer. CodebaseAG -

Secure File Transfer:

Secure File Transfer Secure File Transfer framework settles these by incorporating your record framework together with your email framework, allowing your clients to have secure, took care of access that relies on upon techniques more secure than FTP. These systems are every now and again pervasive and ignored when discussing security - numerous individuals simply don't consider their document security until a rupture or misfortune has happened. provides services of File Transfer and Encrypted File Transfer in Switzerland. CodebaseAG -

Send Big Files Up to 50 GB:

Send Big Files Up to 50 GB Send up to 25 files a 50 GB at a time. All files are encrypted and stored. Up to 50 recipients simultaneously possible. GetBackYourPrivacy provides services of Encrypted File Transfer in Switzerland. CodebaseAG -


I will love to answer your questions Any Questions? Thank you For further any query contact us at +41 41 312 13 91 (Tel) & mail us at [email protected] GetBackYourPrivacy-CodebaseAG is a highly-secured way to Send Large Files Online Fast. We’re using highly secured and encryption method, which are unbreakable by any one.