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Are you looking for a membrane switches and graphic overlays manufaturer, Clicktouch America it's many years if experience. Visit our website


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Your source for reliable tactile keys. Manufacturer specialized in the custom design and production of membrane keypads, graphic overlays, and various other electronic interfaces, ClickTouch America has acquired over twenty years of experience in the production of aesthetic, robust and reliable control panels, with an emphasis on their incomparable life expectancy and tactile response.

A unique technology, incomparable tactile keys :

A unique technology , incomparable tactile keys At ClickTouch America , the design and manufacture of membrane keypads is based on a unique thermoforming process. As a result, our keypads have mechanical and graphic characteristics that are unequalled by the products of any of our competitors. Tactile thermoformed key using the ClickTouch technology Tactile key with a metal dome produced by the competition

Exclusive license to ClickTouch America:

Exclusive license to ClickTouch America With our twenty years’ of bespoken experience in both designing and manufacturing of membrane keypads and graphic overlays, the ClickTouch America team is proud to be the only company in America offering a unique technology able to produce high tactile keys, placing us head and shoulders above our competitors. In need of a change? ClickTouch technology is at your fingertips!

Durable tactile keypads with a lifespan of up to five million actuations:

Durable tactile keypads with a lifespan of up to five million actuations With ClickTouch technology , we are confident that even the most sceptic will marvel at the incomparable lifespan of our membrane keypads and graphic overlays found on these very devices. The reason for the net superiority of our control panels to those of our competitors? The answer is simple: The absence of metal domes in our tactile keypads’ construction . All our membrane keypads and graphic overlays are mounted on a test bench before being shipped to our client. The activation tests conducted on our thermoformed tactile keys are compiled in a database in conformance with our quality system.

Serial number printed on our products :

Serial number printed on our products Like most printing-related industries, the labelling industry has evolved significantly in recent years, after a long period of stagnation. ClickTouch America was quick to invest in an advanced device capable of printing directly onto the plastic material of our circuits, as soon as it became available. The laborious task of printing tiny labels and fixing them individually onto each membrane keypad and graphic overlay has become a thing of the past! Should you have any special requests regarding the identification of your keypads, be sure to let us know! Numerous options are now available.

Contact Us:

Contact Us Whether to request technical brochures, to receive sample products or to simply make an inquiry about any of our products, our customer service personnel will be happy to help you. Contact Us: Tél: 1.866.738.6804 [email protected]