10 ways online appointment booking can help grow your business


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Learn what appointment booking and scheduling software can do to help you grow your business and increase revenues. http://www.click4time.com/signup (30 Day Free Trial) Click4Times award winning software is used for any type of business looking to schedule appointments and automate the booking process. The integrated referral builder helps increase referrals, track them and provide a commission if desired. Automated reminders and notifications and help prevent no-shows, 24-7 booking provides the ultimate convenience for your clients allowing them to view your availability and make a booking any time of the day or night. The Auto-tweet feature identifies last minute cancellations and tweets them out to your Twitter followers to fill the spot and keep your schedule full. Click4Time provides a world class appointment scheduling system that is used in large institutions like hospitals and universities as well as small to medium sized businesses around the globe. The system is very easy to use.


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Booking Software Can Increase Your Search Rankings and Revenues

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