5 Tax Planning Tips For 2019


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Whether you are a small business owner or an employee working in a business in the UK, it is most likely that you take considerable time out of your work routine to manage your taxes and identify potential tax reliefs, before the end of every financial year. Clear house accountants have listed down 5 valuable tips that you can follow, in order to save you money, by enjoying different types of allowances that you are eligible to claim.


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Valuable Tax Planning Tips For You can lower your capital gains tax to 10 on qualifying gains by claiming entrepreneurs relief if you are a small business owner. You can get an additional government top up of about 25 of your savings if you invest £4000 into a lifetime ISA before the end of the financial year You can save up to £238 a year if you transfer £1190 of your personal allowance to your spouse or civil partner but only if they are not high rate taxpayers and are unable to use all of their personal allowance. You may reduce your taxable profits by investing in your personal pension if you are a small company owner or an employer. Marriage allowance: 1 2 Capital Gains Tax: 3 Inheritance Tax 4 Tax is usually due at a rate of 40 when someone dies but only if the inheritance threshold of £325000 is exceeded. Corporation tax 5 ISAs: 5 2019 POWERED BY CLEAR HOUSE ACCOUNTANTS Visit our website at https://chacc.co.uk infochacc.co.uk Or email us at

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