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Tips and Techniques for covering Styrofoam Cornice Kits. Mitering the corners and adding trim.


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Home Fashions U:

Home Fashions U How to Cover a Styrofoam Cornice Create It Décor Cornice 1 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Cornice Kit:

Cornice Kit 2 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Extension Kit:

Extension Kit 3 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Bay Window Kit:

Bay Window Kit 4 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Measuring The Window:

1. Measure the width of your window (include existing window treatments) 2. Add 2-4 inches to the width measurement Example Window measures 42” + 2”=44” the Kit is 48” You will need to measure and cut one extension piece. Measuring The Window 5 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

How to Cut the Cornice:

How to Cut the Cornice Measure and mark on of the extensions where the cut is to be made. 6 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

How to Cuting the Cornice :

Using a utility knife and leaving your straight Edge in place, cut along the edge in a slow up and down motion How to Cuting the Cornice 7 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Assemble Cornice Sections:

Apply glue or Sealah Tape to the end of one the sections to be joined Assemble Cornice Sections Glue Gun Double Sided Sealah Tape 8 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Align Cornice Sections:

Align cornice sections before joining them Align Cornice Sections 9 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Joining Cornice Sections:

Join sections and hold for a few seconds until glue sets up and holds section securely in place. Repeat this process until entire cornice is assembled. Joining Cornice Sections 10 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Measuring Fabric for Cornice:

Measure the width of your fabric strip and cut using scissors or a rotary cutter. Instructions included in this kit go into further detail and suggestions on this process. Measuring Fabric for Cornice 11 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Applying Fabric onto Cornice:

Fold edge of fabric under 1” so that you have a finished edge where the return meets the wall. Applying Fabric onto Cornice 12 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Applying the Fabric:

Apply the fabric “flat or smooth” on the outer rail. Place the fabric over the upper groove on the front of the cornice and prepare to tuck. Applying the Fabric 13 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Applying the Fabric:

Using the tuck tool from you kit, tuck the fabric into the groove. Continue tucking until you come to the corner. Applying the Fabric 14 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Applying the Fabric:

To tuck around the corner simply fold the fabric so that it has a small pleat and looks nice as you tuck along the front side of the cornice. Applying the Fabric 15 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Applying the Fabric:

Continue tucking and complete across the entire groove. Repeat the previous step when you come to the 2 nd corner. Applying the Fabric 16 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Mitered Cornice Corner:

You are now ready to decorate your 1st mitered corner. Place your fabric in this position to prepare to make your 1 st cut with your scissors. Mitered Cornice Corner 17 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Mitered Cornice Corner:

Using the back edge of your cornice as a guide cut until your scissor tips hit the cornice edge. Mitered Cornice Corner 18 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Mitered Cornice Corner:

This created the flap of fabric that is to be tucked into the grooves on the back of your return section. Mitered Cornice Corner 19 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Mitered Cornice Corner:

Now place your fabric from the front of your topper towards the back and prepare to make your 2 nd cut with your scissors. Mitered Cornice Corner 20 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Mitered Cornice Corner:

Using the edge of your return as a guide, cut until your scissor tips hit the corner’s edge. Mitered Cornice Corner 21 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Mitered Cornice Corner:

Place the small corner flap of fabric on top of cornice and fold the front flap of fabric across from front to back. Mitered Cornice Corner 22 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Mitered Cornice Corner:

Tuck a small section of the flap into the groove on the back of the topper to secure the new mitered corner in place. Repeat the process on the other corner and finishing tucking across the entire groove on the back side. Mitered Cornice Corner 23 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Backside of Cornice:

Your cornice will look like this. Repeat these steps on the other outside rail of the topper. You will then be ready to apply your fabric to the middle section of the cornice. Backside of Cornice 24 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Finishing the Cornice:

This look is achieved by simply folding and tucking repeated over and over again. Finishing the Cornice 25 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Adding Trim to the Cornice:

Trims are easily added to your cornice. If using trims with a lip cord, simply tuck the lip cord into the tuck groove. This adds a beautiful finishing touch to your cornice. Adding Trim to the Cornice 26 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Cornice Hardware:

All necessary hardware will be included in the kits and extensions. They mount easily to the wall using a screwdriver or drill. Cornice Hardware 27 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Installing the Cornice:

Determine the height you want your cornice to be by putting the bracket in the groove on the back of the cornice. Hold it up on the wall. Mark where the brackets should go. Mount your first bracket and use a level to determine the height of you next bracket. You will want to evenly space your brackets about every 30-36 inches. Installing the Cornice 28 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Installing the Cornice:

Installing the Cornice 29 http://shop.homefashionsu.com

Home Fashions U:

http://shop.homefashionsu.com 30 Home Fashions U

Home Fashions U:

http://shop.homefashionsu.com 31 Home Fashions U

Home Fashions U:

http://shop.homefashionsu.com 32 Home Fashions U


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