Set Your Business Apart from the Competition with Membrane Keypad


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Membrane keypads are highly durable and strong. They are commonly used in medical fields. Nowadays, many business organizations use membrane keypads for various applications. More details please visit


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slide 1: Set Your Business Apart from the Competition with Membrane Keypad Membrane switch assemblies that include membrane keypads and membrane panels are innovative electromechanical assemblies highly useful to control equipment as well as machines through a user interface. If you apply them in medical equipment industrial machinery or aerospace sector implementing this technology into your workspace has a great number of benefits including easy-to-clean surfaces and a variety of design options including chemical fire and water resistance. Modern day gadgets and electronics include some type of control or keypad for managing different functions. There are several types of keypads available the two most widely used are: mechanical and membrane keypads. These keypads are sometimes seen in many medical devices. Here is a closer look at the use of membrane keypads and why it may be the right for your intended use. High quality membrane keyboard Is a Membrane Keypad Perfect for Your Business A membrane keypad sends a signal from the key through a flexible membrane to the computer. Many people look for simple keypads this might work for them. These keypads are cheap work well and easy to find in the nearest stores. But if you are building an office with a lot of cubicles and confused what type of keypads or keyboards to buy then membrane keypads will surely work for you. Membrane keypads are quiet and won’t disturb other employees in the office. They are relatively cheaper and for basic ones. They are easier to clean. These keypads are good for people who eat at their desk a lot.

slide 2: Robust and durable membrane keypad Features of a Membrane Keypad A membrane keypad has pressure pad instead of a mechanical key which upon pressing completes the circuit and sends the command of the given key. This type of keypad has a flat surface printed with symbols. The pressing of which performs the same types of jobs as a regular keypad with mechanical keys. Despite their portability and design these keypads can’t be used for touch typing. These days many business owners prefer to buy membrane keypads because these keypads are inexpensive to mass produce and are more resistant against the dirt as well as liquids compare to other keypads. These types of keypads are smaller than mechanical keyboards which makes them suitable for smaller devices. Membrane keypads also last longer than mechanical keypads.

slide 3: Membrane keypads for business use Why Use Membrane Keypads There are several advantages to using membrane keypads. They are smaller and compact over its mechanical counterpart. Because of their slim design these keypads can sometimes be used in applications where mechanical keypads can’t reach. Moreover these keypads are quite or produce little to no noise during use. And because they do not feature separate moving parts for the keys these keypads are durable than mechanical keypads. These are just a few advantages of using membrane keypads. In the end… There are a variety of suitable applications for membrane keypads. It is commonly used in the medical field. A wide array of medical devices such as X-ray machines portable diagnostic equipment and dental equipment to name a few sometimes attached with membrane keypads. They are used for controlling the mechanical functions of the devices. Membrane keypads are strong and durable. They can withstand the effects of rugged wear and tear. ElecFlex provides membrane keypads for global customers. The company always focuses on providing reliable quality products to its customers. If you already have in need for high quality membrane keypads for your business look no further than ElecFlex.