Things to Know to Choose Polycarbonate & Polyester Graphic Overlay

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Polycarbonate is much lower in price than the polyester. The quality and durability is also high. Therefore the majority of users prefer to using polycarbonate overlays over polyester. More details please visit


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Things to Know to Choose Polycarbonate Polyester Graphic Overlay A graphic overlay is the first and foremost thing your customers or end-users see in the time they interact with your products. It must be long-lasting attractive as well as functional. Thanks to the graphic overlay printing expertise. The topmost layer is called as the Graphic Overlay that serves as the visible representation of the device’s UI panel. It can be a single layer with high quality adhesive backing atop of a membrane switch or normally used to activate micro switches. It is beyond doubt important to design a graphic overlay that is both constructed effectively as well as offers an eye-catching design. You may need custom graphic overlays for your business. A custom graphic overlay serves as an excellent canvas for high resolution graphics for businesses to showcase their graphics as well as logos. It not only boosts a business’s identify but also helps catching the eyes of customers. As an owner of a business you must know that the main appeal of a product the right materials and performance capabilities are two most important factors. Highest quality material for graphic overlay Graphic Overlay Materials: Polyester or Polycarbonate Different types of materials are used but materials like polyester are normally preferred for their durability and robustness whilst polycarbonate is not as rugged or chemically resistant but it offers a crisp design as well. Choosing the graphic overlay material totally depends on the end-user application and the environment in which it is used. Therefore the material selection is one of the most important things because of the mechanical requirements of the membrane switches. Generally polyester will survive millions of actuations. It is solvent resistant which is good to make it perfect for the

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purpose of membrane overlays. Other materials are used by and large but they will crack in time when the switches are pushed over and over again. Let’s discuss two materials that are widely used one is polycarbonate and another is polyester. Graphic overlay materials Polycarbonate overlays – These overlays are also called PETG or Lexan. These overlays are very easy to die cut texture as well as print. Moreover they may show the signs of wear after 100000 actuations. Whether the environment is subject to the chemicals a hard coat should always be used for the purpose of protection. Polyester graphic overlays – This type of material is generally thinner and resilient compared to polycarbonate overlays. It shows no sign of wear after 1000000 actuations but it has resistance power to chemicals as well as harsh environments. It is more costly than polycarbonate. This type of graphic is especially used for military and industrial overlays.

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Design of graphic overlays Functionally the graphic overlay is sometimes used to protect moisture ingress into the UI unit. Manufacturers have an essentially unlimited possibilities and wide range of design options for the sake of customizing a graphic overlay including embossing coloring tinting displaying windows backlighting as well as texturing. ElecFlex can manufacture your custom graphic overlay in a variety of shapes sizes and materials. They can ensure durability as well. Even with sub-surface graphics printing is generally done on the inside of the overlay that is important so your overlay’s graphics would not degrade from use or cleaning.