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If you are looking for membrane switch panels, we have got the premium-quality custom-designed switches for clients in a wide range of industries. For more details please visit


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Membrane switch panels – Advanced Technology for an enhanced experience The membrane switch panels are momentary electrical on/off switches that can be activated and deactivated using a circuit. Most of the membrane switches require a strong support layer or a back panel. With the help of the supporting surface the user is able to push it while activating the switch. Considering the application the back panel of the membrane switch can be made of a wide range of materials. But it is extremely important that the back panels for the membrane switch panels are flat as much as possible. This is what ensures that there are no unlevel surfaces or bumps that will activate the switch. Membrane switch panels If you are looking for we have got the premium-quality custom- membrane switch panels designed switches for clients in a wide range of industries. Starting from agriculture equipment to the medical devices we have got it all covered for you. Our experienced professionals can design and manufacture highest-quality custom membrane switch depending on your unique specifications while keeping the focus on small to medium volume membrane switch production.

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As a turnkey membrane switch manufacturer we have got wide-ranging production capabilities. We have got a broad array custom membrane switch panels and specialty models for unique challenging applications. You can have a look at the membrane switch panels that we have got to offer. Membrane switches Considering your requirement for backlighting and front panel illumination we can also manufacture custom membrane switch panels along with embedded LEDs. Apart from that we can also produce durable double membrane switch panels for multiple applications where the membrane switch might be subject to hard use or abuse from sharp objects like screwdrivers pens and other pointed objects. We manufacture a wide range of non-tactile membrane switches for a wide variety of reasons. The non-tactile membrane switch panels feature micro-travel action along with actuation forces in the 4-8 ounce range. Being embedded in the LEDs they can be attached to the conductive silver traces for the display areas and lighted windows. The non-tactile membrane switches and metal dome tactile switches are cycles tested numerous times to ensure high performance reliability and durability.

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Membrane switch keyboards Our focus has always been to bring all the necessary parts and components together for creating a finished product that will meet the unique requirements for every single customer. The membrane switch itself is a PCB which is a part of the assembly a custom panel for supporting the switch and the PCB the exterior casing backlighting waterproofing LED lights and LCD display screens a fully installed wiring and mounting brackets. The most commonly used materials for back panels are aluminium. The aluminium back panels for membrane switches might be bare iridited painted alodined or anodized. There are other types of back panels for membrane switch panels. These include plastic injected molded cases/front cover other metal panels circuit board materials acrylic polycarbonate stainless steel and ABS. We are the leading manufacturers of membrane switches for the fabrication of back panels using state of the art machinery. We keep in mind the aesthetics of the membrane switch panels too. Contact us ElecFlex Technologies Inc. 405A No.264 Baixia Road Nanjing Jiangsu China Phone no: +86-2584507063 Website: