Gain Better Performance & Reliability with PCB Membrane Keypads


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If you want to gain better performance and reliability, PCB-based membrane keyboard is your answer. Know all about this highly durable, reliable, and long lifecycle keypad here at


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Gain Better Performance & Reliability with PCB Membrane Keypads


OVERVIEW For electronic devices, particularly consumer goods, the ease of use and feel can make or break a new product just as much as innovation or quality. Put simply, the user interface has to perform and look great. And the PCB keypads are one among them. One of the major benefits of PCB membrane keypads is the ability to present a wide variety of graphics on the top overlay.


Rigid PCB-mounted keypads are more durable The most durable, cost-effective solution to this is to design the switch circuitry onto a printed circuit board. The circuit is then mounted to the metal backing plate with high-performance adhesives in a way similar to the flexible pad. The rigid laminate is highly resistant to cracking related to shock, vibration, or temperature swings. The printed circuit type design offers numerous benefits. A wide variety of connector options can be utilized and LEDs can be soldered directly to the board for greater durability. The rear of the PCB is available for additional circuitry and can accommodate standard electronic components such as diodes, capacitors, resistors, and ICs. PCB membrane switches are a popular option for commonly used keyboard interfaces. A PCB membrane keypad combines all membrane switch technologies in one device. A PCB keypad can be a support panel for the membrane overlay or supply the electrical pathways. PCB Base


PCB Membrane Keypads offer several advantages – Variety of plating options Tight trace routing capabilities LEDs and other components can be soldered Single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer designs available Higher conductivity/lower electrical resistance A PCB membrane keypad alike other keyboards do not have separate keys. The keys of the keyboard are completely shielded by clear plastic shells, which safeguard it from dust and dirt. When used on electrical and mechanical equipment for commercial use, the PCB keypads require daily maintenance to keep them in good working condition. But when are used in a business environment the keys tend to have a high usage frequency because of the chances of getting used by a lot of different people. This then makes the keyboard more prone to dust and bacteria. However, the good news being then can get cleaned much easily and quickly as the crumbs and specks of dust do not actually get to settle under the keys. PCB Membrane Back View


The Bottom Line A PCB keypad comes with easy-to-use and cleanable surfaces which make them well-suited for control panels in numerous industries like electronic appliances, industrial computers, hospital beds, alarm systems, etc. ElecFlex , a leading China-based professional manufacturer of PCB based keyboards, custom membrane switches, graphic overlay, and related products for customers worldwide. We have over 10-years experience in working closely with customers overseas making us a reliable manufacturing partner in China. Assembled PCB-based Membrane Switch


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