Customize Graphic Overlay Design for Membrane Switches


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Create your own Graphic Overlay Design for Membrane Switches. Partner with ElecFlex® and lower down production costs! High Quality switches in budget. For more details please visit


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Customize Graphic Overlay Design for Membrane Switches Placing an order for a membrane switch control panel is now easy. If you are looking for reliable sources for quality membrane keypads you have landed on the right place. I am Kevin and I have partnered with ElecFlex® for membrane controls for my appliance. Through this article I intend to provide a detailed overview on the same. You don’t need to worry about the graphic overlay design as you can have your own Customize your product the way you want and experts of ElecFlex® will help you have the best. Why Choose ElecFlex® Above Others for Membrane Keypads The company I own is in business for a year now I didn’t want to invest much as it was our first time. So I needed a membrane switch manufacturer that could understand my needs in-depth. Services offered by ElecFlex® impressed me. They provided me with super efficient units’ right within my budget.

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Their Strengths ElecFlex® is an ISO9001 certified organization. This means that they have high standards for production along with modern equipments. I was concerned about how they managed to cut down costs Other companies charged high amounts for the same Experts of ElecFlex® suggested me with ideas that I never knew Did you know that a membrane switch circuit unit comes with various layers Tweaking and playing around with them doesn’t hamper its performance ElecFlex® thus takes customizations seriously and prioritizes customer satisfaction with quality production. ElecFlex® can help you in the following areas.  They will lower down production cost without compromising the quality  You will receive optimized products for your appliance. Experts of ElecFlex® will take care of all your needs.  Moreover they can help you by providing substitute materials for production. They will make sure that it fits perfect with your appliance  Their technical team and designers will help you realize the perfect the design.  With lightning fast delivery they will help you stay ahead of your competitors If you are concerned about how you can get it customized you have a variety of options. Let me take you through.

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Customizing Your Membrane Switch Keypad It’s you appliance and you have all the power to create your own design. To place a customized order you can do the following. You know where you want the controls to be placed. So you can send your Graphic Overlay Design to experts of ElecFlex®. You can create your layout on:  Adobe Illustrator  Coral Draw  Also you can send a .DFX file using any of the above software or Microsoft Visio or AutoCAD. Aren’t you well equipped with these above tools like me Then there’s nothing to worry about. You can send your Graphic Overlay Design on simple pen and paper Scan the document or take a snap of the same and send it to ElecFlex®. That will be more than enough for ElecFlex® as well as for you I have done the market survey myself and I have found none like ElecFlex®. They are efficient in lowering costs. Moreover my customers are happy with the performance of the appliance. By the way I manufacture MP3 players and use membrane keypads for its IR remote So if you are looking to place an order get in touch with the best membrane manufactures in the market today. Further if you have queries post them in the comments. Share this post throughout your social connections. Help others connect with the best.