Introduction to Sociology

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Introduction to Sociology:

Introduction to Sociology

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Blake Welbon Isaac Sigmon

What is Sociology?:

What is Sociology?

Focuses of Sociology :

Focuses of Sociology Culture - The sum beliefs, values, norms, and material possessions of a people’s way of life Stratification – how cultures classify people Norms – A culture’s patterns/expectations of behavior Deviance – recognized violations of a culture’s norms

Methods of research:

Methods of research Conducting clinical trials closely examining personal behavior Collecting census results and similar surveys Comparing results with previously collected data, including a culture’s popular beliefs.

Alfred Kinsey:

Alfred Kinsey Controversial mid 20 th century sociologist/biologist Sexual Behavior in the Human Male , 1948 Sexual Behavior in the Human Male , 1953

3 Approaches to sociology:

3 Approaches to sociology Structural Functional Approach - Large Scale, focuses on benefits Social Conflict Approach - Large Scale, focuses on inequality Symbolic interaction approach - Small scale, focuses on personal-level interaction

Structural-Functional Approach:

Structural-Functional Approach Macro-level Focuses on institutions of society (stratification, norms, deviance) help society to function Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer were early proponents

Social-Conflict Approach:

Social-Conflict Approach Macro level Focuses on inequality and how societal institutions contribute and cause it Karl Marx, noted German author and founder of socialism, followed this approach

Symbolic-Interaction Approach:

Symbolic-Interaction Approach Micro Level Focuses on how people interact with their surrounding based on how they symbolize it Early components include Max Weber and George Herbert Mead

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