Best web browsers for Windows 2015

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Best Web Browsers for Windows 2015


Chrome continues to mature into an excellent modern browser experience. With the wealth of apps and features available only being matched by its speed and tidy design, it looks set to be the benchmark for a while to come.


We’ve always had a soft spot for Firefox, but past versions have disappointed due to sluggish performance. The last few iterations though have shown great improvements, and this one in particular is very impressive.


With a few nips and tucks over previous versions, Internet Explorer is in fine fettle now with a clean design, robust performance, and ever improving security features.


Opera might feel a little like Chrome-lite these days, but that’s no bad thing. The browser is fast, even on slow connections thanks to the Turbo mode, and has plenty to offer those who prefer not to live entirely in the Google universe.


Dooble's safety-first approach is commendable, but the version of the web you’re able to access is going to be too hampered by this browser for most users.


As an alternative to Internet Explorer we’d find Avant Browser difficult to recommend over the original.

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