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Slide 2: Home plumbing system plays major role in our day to day life. So it should be maintained in a proper manner to avoid frequent issues and damages. The regular inspection for leakage and damages will avoid most of the plumbing problems. However, the emergency plumbing repairs will occur occasionally without home owner’s knowledge. In such case, people need to know some basic plumbing works or prevention tricks to control the situation.

Slide 3: Steps to be Followed TURN OFF MAIN WATER SUPPLY Once you find any water leakage or overflow issues, then you should immediately stop the main water supply. After this, it is important to turn off all the electrical appliances that connected to water supply.

Slide 4: 2. CALL PLUMBER It is wise choice to call you plumber. The emergency plumbing issue may occur at any time, it is better to research and collect the contact details of expert plumbing company or plumber in your area. 3. DRAIN OUT THE PIPE AND FAUCETS You no need wait until the plumber to arrive. Try to find out the actual cause of the issue and where the damage exists. Then drain out and dry the pipes and faucets, which make it easy to analyze the issue.

Slide 5: 4. FIND THE CRACKS If the problem is leakage then you should examine the all the pipe connection of your home plumbing system. The water leakage is the major source of water wastage. People should check for the cracks or splits in the plumbing system to avoid the issue.

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